12 Smart Arrangement Ideas for Small Bathrooms. Make It Look Twice as Big!

Small bathrooms do not have to look tiny. Quite the contrary, they could be a nice and cozy space where the furniture, accessories and appliances make up a cohesive whole.

Thanks to a few tricks even the smallest bathroom can look much bigger.

#1 Extra storage space


Arranging additional storage space does not have to mean buying new shelves and cabinets. First of all make sure you use all the space around the bathtub.

#2 Exploit the space over the door

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A shelf over the door is perfect to store towels or toilet paper.

#3 Shelves over the toilet

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Shelves over the door that’s one thing. However, some items have to be kept at hand. That is why you can fix a few shelves or a cabinet over the toilet.

#4 A glass shower door


Thanks to transparent shower door the place looks bigger and brighter.

#5 Brighter colors


Bright walls and furniture always look good in small rooms. Why is that so? They give the impression that the given room is bigger.

#6 Wall organizer


All you need is a board, glass jars and strong holders.

#7 A large mirror

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Again, it’s all about the optical image. Thanks to a big mirror, especially one in bright frame and without any ornaments, the place will look more spacious.

#8 Built-in cabinets

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In the confined space of bathroom, drawers are not quite welcome. Instead, you can go for built-in cabinets and shelves. You can fix them in the shower cabin or next to the bathtub.

#9 A washbasin above the washing machine

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This is a very simple space-saving trick. If you match them well, the place will look really much better.

#10 The layout of the room


When you redecorate your bathroom or design a new one in a new apartment or house, consider carefully all key elements and their location. You can give up on the bathtub and choose a shower cabin instead. Think about how many shelves and/or cabinets you exactly need.

#11 Appropriate storage


Storage hacks are priceless in case of tiny rooms. Fix hooks on the inside of cabinets doors or use a serving platter, to name just two.

#12 Corner washbasins

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Every square inch matters in tiny bathrooms. Why not save a few making use of the corner space and fixing a washbasin there?

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