15 Easy and Yet Effective Kitchen Hacks. They Will Come in Handy in Quite a Few Situations!

Today we have got for you 15 tricks to help you out in the kitchen. Cheap, easy but still, very effective. Let’s take a look!

#1 Finishing cakes


To finish your cake in a nice and eye-catching way, use a corkscrew or pearls. Believe us, this will look impressive.

#2 Bananas in foil


If you cover the tips of bananas with foil, it will slow down the release of ethylene, and, consequently, the bananas will ripen more slowly, too.

#3 Document organizer


Fix it to the inside of a kitchen cabinet door, and finally the wrapping or aluminum foil will find its right place.

#4 Dishwasher tablets


Mix two cups of baking soda and borax with half a glass of salt and vinegar. Leave it in the fridge for 24 hours. Always store them in a closed container.

#5 The cleaning properties of lemons and vinegar


Put a few pieces of lemon or half a glass of vinegar into a bowl of water. Heat it for about four minutes. The steaming water will slowly, but very effectively, melt the dirt and grease. You will easily remove it with a cloth.

#6 A clogged sink


Pour a cup of vinegar into the sink drain, then a glass of baking soda. Close it with the cork plug and wait half an hour. Then pour into the drain some boiling water and that’s it!

#7 A slide-out shelf-cabinet


If you have a tiny kitchen, this ‘stash cabinet’ will work perfectly!

#8 A dishwasher bag


Lids and caps often fly all over the inside of the dishwasher. You can prevent that by putting them all into a bag, in much the same way as we do while doing the laundry.

#9 A bottle instead of a box


A bottle takes much less space than huge paper cereal boxes. Why not pour them into the bottles then?

#10 A replacement


Next time you run out of eggs while baking, replace them with a banana. 2 eggs = 1 banana

#11 Herbs frozen in olive oil


Put some herbs into small containers and immerse them with olive oil. Freeze them to use them any time you want!

#12 Lemon to heal burnt pots


Never throw away burnt pots, even if you think there is no way they could be used again. Instead, boil some water with some lemon pieces in them. You will be able to clean them afterwards much more easily.

#13 The recipe always in front of you


With a clip cloth hanger the recipe will be always open. You are not going to make a mistake so easily now!

#14 Taco


Put the muffin molds into the oven, but upside down. Then apply the frying spray. Arrange the tortillas as shown in the picture. Set the oven at 190 0 C and leave them for 15 minutes, until they harden.

#15 Heating stuff in microwaves


If you want your food to be heated proportionally, distribute it all along the edge of the plate.

Did you know any of these tricks?

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