9 Simple Ways To Conquer Clutter In Your Kitchen

kitchen organization

Since finishing my spring cleaning, I’ve been able to clear quite a few items off of my countertops by moving them into the newly freed up space in my cupboards. What a different that has made — my kitchen looks bigger and brighter because of it!

That got me thinking about other ways I could streamline and achieve my goal of an organized kitchen, both to make my kitchen easier to use and to make it nicer to look at. After some research and brainstorming, I came up with 9 practical kitchen organization tips to share with you today.

Check them out and see what you might be able to use in your own kitchen!

9 Practical Tips For Organizing Your Kitchen

kitchen organization

1. Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items

Every good organizing effort should start with an effort to identify and get rid of any unnecessary clutter in the area. Go through your stuff and figure out what you can sell, donate, or give away, which will both reduce the amount of items you have to organize later, and make it easier to do so by freeing up some additional storage space.

(Drawing a blank? This list of kitchen items to get rid of should give you some ideas.)

kitchen organization

2. Consider Your Countertops

In many kitchens, countertop space is extremely valuable real estate, so be mindful of how you’re using yours. Avoid cluttering them up with too much stuff — a good rule of thumb is to limit your countertop to items you use every day, and keep everything else in a cupboard, drawer, etc.

For more tips that can help you tidy up your countertops, check out my list of what should be kept on the counter.

kitchen organization

3. Store Ingredients In Space-Saving Containers

Store bulk ingredients like flour and sugar in neat, stackable containers and label them so you can easily find what you need. These storage containers have saved me a lot of shelf space in my pantry!

Plus, you can refill your containers by shopping in the bulk section at the store. These items are often quite a bit cheaper than their packaged counterparts, so it’s a smart way to save money.

kitchen organization

4. Keep Fruit In A Fruit Basket

Corral produce that doesn’t need to be kept in the refrigerator in a wire fruit basket. Fruit baskets not only allow you to easily see what you have on hand, but they also allow for airflow that will keep your fruit fresh longer — a win-win!

kitchen organization

5. Hang Things Up On Adhesive Hooks

Use adhesive Command hooks to hang your oven mitts or pot holders somewhere near your oven. This will free up space in your drawers and keep your oven mitts closer to the area where you use them most.

You can also use Command hooks to hang measuring spoons and other small items on the inside of a cupboard door or wherever they’d be handy. where they are handy. It would be a lot easier than digging for them in a drawer!

kitchen organization

6. Use Your Cupboard Doors

Speaking of the insides of your cupboard doors, another way to use that space is to hang the lids to your pots there. You can do this with Command hooks by using two hooks at the bottom to support the lid, along with one at the top to hold it in place.

Cookware lids can be one of those things that take up a lot of space when stored elsewhere, so this could free up some very valuable storage space in your kitchen. (And check out other ways to use Command hooks here.)

kitchen organization

7. Keep Necessities Close

Set up an area somewhere near your stove to store your most-used cooking items. For instance, I keep cooking oils, a ramekin of salt, and a pepper grinder next to my stove, since I use those all the time when I’m cooking.

You can do the same thing with your coffee-making supplies and so on. Arranging them on a nice platter (there are some pretty cute ones at Home Goods!) will help keep them neat and organized.

kitchen organization

8. Find The Right Organizers

If there’s something in your kitchen that has become an organizational pain point, do a search on Amazon or Google Shopping for “[item name] organizer.” Check out the types of organizers you can find for coffee and tea, underneath your sink, and spices and seasonings.

Finding the right organizer can be a game-changers. For instance, this adjustable rack for pots and pans can be configured in a dizzying number of different ways, making it easy to find the ideal setup for your unique collection of cookware.

kitchen organization

9. Think Creatively

There are plenty of items that can help you get organized that aren’t considered “kitchen items,” like pegboard, mason jars, and magnets. Pegboard is highly versatile and can provide additional storage space for all sorts of things.

You can use mason jars to corral and store things, and you can use magnets to turn any metal surface (and some non-metal ones!) into more storage space.

Want Even More Kitchen Organizing Hacks?

How do you keep your kitchen organized?