Are you tired of losing your keys and running around the house every morning trying to find them – and not be late for work? Are you tired of everyone’s keys being found in every nook and cranny of the house and helping create the pile of mayhem on...

1. Wooden Silverware.

If you’re lucky enough to find one of these in a store, that’s great! But, this is also a great DIY  for someone to try their hands at. Wood and old silverware are the “key” components here and all you need is some imagination and you can even have a spot to keep your cell phones too!
2. Lego Made.

For some extra pop, pizzazz and unique take a look at this Lego made key rack! Each of your most important keys will have a Lego attached to their keychain for easy application and you’ll get a fun the whole family can and will enjoy for the house.
3. Delicate Home.

Here’s a traditional and feminine piece made for a cozy home but also ones that need its keys found in an easy manner. Hang this in the foyer, by the back door or even in the kitchen where everyone has a place to put their important pieces.{found on jennasuedesign}.
4. Clean Classics.

If you want something just simple and clean to match your minimal, modern style, then this is the key rack for you. Hang up your keys when you walk in the door and grab them on your way out with ease.
5. Sparrow Pair.

Here’s a cute, cottage-esque piece that fits perfectly in with a springtime-themed porch design. Of course, it would add as a pretty accent in the kitchen or breakfast nook as well, and the function is only a benefit to its charming quality.{found on site}.
6. Simply Trendy.

We love how this key rack holds a DIY, trendy feel that fits in great with the favorite, hipster style that’s spreading throughout fashion and interior design. It’s simple yet youthful and fun with its industrial, handmade vibe.{found on etsy}.
7. Accent Only.

Although in this photo its seen as just a decor piece, it can hold the real daily essentials just as much as the accent ones. This colorful, playful key rack would be a bright and lively addition to any room its needed in.{found on site}.
8. Vintage Wash.

This big key and its hooks makes a perfect key rack, don’t you think? Its got a great vintage feel, versatile color and functionality to make a design that stands out and also works for what you need it to do!{found on Etsy}.
9. Golden Animals.

There’s something really funky and modern about this golden elephant piece. It’s an easy DIY to pull off, it will hold your keys with ease but it’ll also create a fun and interesting corner in any room it’s placed in.{found on creativesoulspectrum}.
10. Mix Match.

Are you not in complete love with this key rack? Of course all the different hooks can be used in the foyer for a plethora of different things but we love how simple it will be to find your keys every morning, but we also love how design-worthy this piece is!{found on redbookmag}.
11. Small basket organizer

In addition to all the handy little hooks for hanging all the keys this also has a small basket where you can sort the mail or keep various other things. All this to your entryway so you can always be ready to leave with everything you need as quickly as possible if necessary. Keep things like leashes, lanyards, sunglasses and so on in the basket and the keys on the hooks and feel free to add labels if you find it necessary. The dimensions of this key rack are 10..5’ x 2.5’’ x 4.5’’ and it’s made of steel.
12. Array of hooks

The cool thing about key racks is that they don’t necessarily need to be specifically designed to hold keys. That opens the door to a lot of interesting and creative possibilities. A really simple one is to use a set of hooks or a small hanger such as this. It has 7 hooks in total and it measures 18.2’’L x 5.1’’H x 2.7’’D. It can hold up to 10 lbs and is easy to install in a variety of different areas such as the entryway but also the bedroom, bathroom, closet, laundry room and so on. You can even use it as a jewelry organizer.
13. Mail organizer

A very simple-looking mail sorter-key rack made out of plastic might not sound like much but it can turn out to be just what your home needs. It’s practical and versatile, easy to clean and to replace and it comes in plenty of different colors so you can match it to your décor. The total dimensions are 2.4’’ x 10.75’’ x 4.4’’. Use the storage compartment to keep things like wallets, sunglasses, phones and so on and the 5 hooks at the bottom to organize all the keys so you can easily grab them when you need them.
14. Tiered shelf rack

The design of this particular key rack is a bit reminiscent of wooden pallets in its own way. Of course, since it only measures 7.4’’ x 15.8’’ x 3.5’’ it’s mostly just a miniature piece. It’s something that you can fit in a variety of different spaces such as entryways, mudrooms, offices, living rooms and so on. It has a lovely design that’s a bit modern and a bit vintage as well and includes three small shelves at different heights and four hooks for hanging keys and various other items.
15. Colorful tag rack

Labeling your keys can sometimes be useful if you have a lot of them or if they’re all very similar in shape and size. This key rack makes that really easy by offering 8 different tags with labels inside so you can neatly organize all the keys, whether they’re all yours or belong to different members of the family. The rack itself has a simple and versatile design and can easily be installed thanks to its self-adhesive back.
16. Cast iron Keys

This beautiful rustic piece creates a special place for your keys so you always know where to store them and where to find them. The design is really straightforward given that it actually says “keys” and it has a vintage/rustic look. There are four hooks made of recycled iron and the entire rack is 6’’ high x 8’’ wide which makes it compact and easy to fit in any entryway no matter how small. It’s also very strong and sturdy and will last you for a very long time.
17. Compact peel and stick key rack

If you want a key rack that’s small, simple, strong and sturdy but also easy to install, this may just be the perfect one. It has four hooks and measures only 1’’ x 5.5’’ x 2.2’’ which means it will fit anywhere. Also, it’s made of stainless steel and has a rust-resistant finish. There’s no need to drill holes in the wall to install it since all you need to do is remove the backing and then adhere the rack to any flat surface. Press firmly for about a minute and there you have it.
18. Decorative arrow rack

Just because something is useful doesn’t mean it can’t also look nice. A lot of the designs we mentioned so far have shown it. This arrow-shaped model is yet another example. It’s made of wood and has a raw finish which highlights the material’s natural beauty. The hooks, four in total, are made of metal and blend in nicely thanks to their rustic finish. The overall dimensions of this piece are 16.5’’L x 3.14’’W x 1.6’’D.
19. Tiered letter rack

Something like this might be useful if you usually get lots of mail or if you think you need multiple storage slots for various small items like wallets and so on. This combo piece is made of metal and has an ornate design with three perforated tiered storage slots. It also has five hooks at the bottom for the keys and a vintage bronze finish all around. The dimensions are 10.2’’L x 2.7’’W x 13.7’’H. While it’s not as versatile as other products, this could definitely look great in lots of different decors and spaces.
20. Chalkboard, shelf and key rack

Although you can use the hooks at the bottom to store and organize all your keys, this is actually a very versatile piece which you can add to various different spaces including the kitchen, home office or even the bedroom. It has a simple design with a subtle rustic vibe and it includes a small framed chalkboard, a shelf and five double hooks. It total it measures 12.7’’H x 16.65’’W x 4’’D so it’s quite small and easy to fit just about anywhere. It’s great not just as an organizer for keys, leashes and various other things but also as a charming decoration. Also, the blackboard can be useful too if you ever want to leave someone a message or to quickly write down something and you don’t have a pen and paper.

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