Beach House Minimalism

This is a project built on contrast, carefully created by Cartelle Design. The young married homeowners in Milan, Italy, presented two very different tastes in interiors. The taste clash between the couple resulted in the design team having to seek a way to combine cool minimalism with cosy country house chic. It was important to the owners that the interior maintained that special summer house on the lake kind of feel, so it was decided that warm natural wood and soft texturing would be teamed with cold technological functionality. The result is bright space that is crisp with practicality, yet seasoned with charming beach house touches and character.

The home has an area of 112 square metres, with the biggest single chunk of it allocated to an airy open plan family room. This common area is divided into two floor levels, with a change in flooring materials accentuating the zoning. Natural wood defines the raised floor level of the warm lounge zone, whilst cool grey large format tiles cover the kitchen diner floor.

A blue modern sofa plus a blue striped and tasselled throw brings out a modern maritime feel. Behind and above the sofa, some fun ropework continues the theme, and lightly screens off the stairwell. Died pampas grass complements the natural golden tone.

A black square coffee table stands by the nautical sofa ensemble, pushing the style into the field of minimalism. A cosy knitted floor pouf adds texture and swings the balance back to cosy again.

Flames crackle inside a modern fireplace, situated right by the arm of the sofa to make it the hot spot of the home on a chilly afternoon. A compartment stores firewood beside the stove. Open shelves around the fireplace bring life and decoration to the room, giving the place a welcoming and friendly ambiance.

A comfortable swivel chair is seated at the other side of the elevated lounge area, beneath the bookshelves. A run of upper cabinets conceal a multitude of belongings behind obscured glass.

Seating has been sandwiched between two bookcases to create a reading nook at the window.

Dark treads on white risers give the staircase a crisp and clean aesthetic. The house is almost completely free of ceiling light fittings – instead, illumination is provided by wall sconces and lamps to evoke a more intimate atmosphere.

A dark wood dining set appears heavily anchored in the middle of the light, white room.

Stunning mountain views await beyond a set of patio doors that lead out onto a balcony. A white dining room pendant light extends out from the wall; this is an original fixture that was installed in this house at the end of the 1960s by previous owners. The light was preserved as a linking element between the past and present.

A low level shelf runs the length of the dining room, displaying works of art.

Two black kitchen bar stools are seated at a concrete peninsula. Wine storage is suspended from the ceiling above, which serves as both a functional and decorative piece.

Black, wood, metal and concrete volumes present a minimalist style galley kitchen. It was in this area that practical features were put first.

There is an integrated wine cooler concealed within the peninsula cabinetry beneath those wine glasses, to please a wine enthusiast homeowner.

Pillowy bedclothes look dreamily inviting in the master bed. Bedroom pendant lights have been suspended on different lengths of electrical wire, to play on the different heights of the bedside tables.

A wooden bookshelf embraces the cozy bedroom layout like a warm hug.

Cool white walls and a lofty roof height is offset by rich wooden ceiling panels and beams.

A Moroccan floor pouf settles by the window, next to low level bookshelves.

Dried flowers complement a rustic wooden vanity table in the bathroom.

The breezy blue accent wall provides a wonderfully cool contrast behind the rich wood double sink bathroom vanity. A modern wall sconce set directs task lighting where it’s most needed.

Above a toilet and bidet set, a decorative wall mirror has a sunbeam-like frame.

The natural toned mirror frame contrasts warmly against the cold grey concrete walls and shower enclosure.

The second bedroom we visit in the home has its white decor scheme warmed by a ruddy brown platform bed. Wall art presents a matching hue above the headboard.

Blue accent cushions, a blue area rug and pouf balance out the warmer tones in the room.

More dried botanicals make an appearance in here, presented in a clear glass vase.

Dual aspect windows pull in the mountain view.

Another bathroom decorated with a sky blue wall and a wooden vanity – though this time the vanity is of a much more modern and minimal nature. A rattan laundry basket slots below the bathroom sink to bring in more natural texture.

Beige shower tiles match the hue of the vessel basin on the vanity.

A third bathroom follows the same smooth blue and sandy colour scheme.

Moving into the kids’ bedroom, the kids’ beds have been stacked in a bespoke bunk design that has storage in its base. To accommodate the different ideas of two children, fishy decorations jostle with elephant decor.

A comfy window seat underlines the view.

The wooden drawers of the bunk beds have been replicated in the adjacent wardrobe design.

Kids’ wall decor gives the room a colourful and fun feel.

A white flush plate makes a clean match with the toilet.

Black framework around the shower provides definition inside the soft blue and cream bathroom decor.

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