Cleaning Closet Organization

Organized cleaning closet with cleaning cloths and cleaning supplies.

Lots of easy cleaning closet organization ideas that you can apply to any space. Includes the best organizing products and favorite green cleaning products.

Cleaning Closet

You may have caught a peek of our cleaning closet when I was sharing our kitchen cabinet organization ideas. This little cleaning closet started as a useless cabinet in our kitchen. I have no idea what the cupboard was initially meant for – it was tall and skinny like a broom closet but wasn’t actually wide or deep enough to hold a broom. At some point we added a few shelves and tried to use it for some food storage, but it just didn’t function well. Eventually, I turned it into a cleaning closet and it has been very well used ever since. It was just a matter of finding the right purpose!

It’s always a good idea to have a central storage place in your home for basic cleaning supplies. Having everything in one spot makes it easy to see what you already have and what you might be running low on. It’s also helpful so everyone in the household can grab what they want when it’s needed. No excuses for not cleaning up their mess!


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What to Keep in a Cleaning Closet

I know everyone has their preferences for what cleaning supplies they use, but I thought I would show you some of my favorite cleaning products and how I store them. Maybe you’ll discover something new that you love!

Microfiber cloths.

I think a good microfiber cloth is the backbone for any cleaning project. The Norwex microfiber cloths are probably my favorite, but I also really like the ones from Grove Collaborative. I prefer cloths that have built in hangers so they can easily be hung on a hook between uses. Since we have a lot of cloths, they store best when they are just rolled up and stacked on each other. I try to roughly color coordinate our cloths so the blue ones are only used in the bathrooms {I think of ‘b’ for blue and bathroom} but I’m sure the kids probably don’t stick with this. lol!

Polishing cloths.

The polishing cloths are probably my favorite cleaning supply {if you can really have a favorite cleaning supply!} These are the purple cloths that I get from Norwex and they have a smooth, soft finish to them. As the name says, they’re used to clean and polish any shiny surface – windows, mirrors, facets, counters, etc. Really anything. They’re also great for removing streaks on kitchen appliances, walls, and other other surface that gets streaky after cleaning. I have a hook on the door that I use to store my current polishing cloth so it’s quick and easy to grab whenever I need it.

Hydrogen peroxide.

If you don’t have hydrogen peroxide in your cleaning supplies, you’re missing out! It probably deserves its own post since it has so many uses, but hydrogen peroxide is probably best known for its non-toxic disinfecting power. I also love it for stain removal and laundry whitening. You do need to keep it in a dark container as the active ingredients will breakdown if exposed to light. I like to attach a spray top to ours to make it easier to use.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another green cleaning supply staple. I keep a box in our laundry room and a shaker bottle in our cleaning cupboard. {This is just an inexpensive salt shaker that I picked up at The Dollar Store.} My favorite way to use it is to make a paste with water for a gentle abrasive cleaner. It’s also a great deodorizer, so you can sprinkle it on carpets, upholstery, etc. to absorb odors and then vacuum it up.

Sponges and scrub brushes.

There’s not really a lot of space to hold organizers in this cupboard, so I was happy to find these acrylic organizers from The Home Edit. They fit perfectly and worked great for holding sponges, scrub brushes, essential oils for cleaning, and our cleaning concentrates.

Multi-purpose cleaner.

Whether you make your own, or you buy store-bought, everyone needs a good multi-purpose cleaner. I love using the cleaning concentrates from Grove Collaborative. They come in the little colored tubes that I have stored above and the packaging is all recyclable. All you need to do is mix it with water and store in a spray bottle. Make sure you label all cleaning products clearly when you’re storing them in your own containers. You can find these free printable DIY cleaning labels HERE and they come in a couple of different designs.


There’s nothing better for getting into all of those little corners and crevices like toothbushes! Just pick up some inexpensive toothbrushes {or use the free ones that you get from the dentist!} and put them in an organizer. I used a small stick on bin to hold ours so I could use some of the empty vertical space in the cupboard.

Brooms and mops.

Ideally I would love to have everything all stored together, but since our broom and mop doesn’t fit in the closet, we have them stored in our entryway closet with our coats. They just hang from hooks on the side of the closet so they take up hardly any room. For those little messes, I found this cute mini broom and dustbin that fit on the side of the cupboard.

My Favorite Green Cleaning Products

Here’s a quick list of my favorite green cleaning products. I’ve been using these for years and would highly recommend them for their quality, efficacy, and durability.

What I Used for Organizing

It’s amazing what just a few good organizing products can do. These items can be all be used for so many different organization projects so don’t just think about organizing your cleaning supplies.

Other Ideas for Cleaning Closet Organization

Everyone has a different layout and space for organizing their cleaning supplies, so play around with things until you find what works for you.

  • use an over the door pocket shoe organizer to hold cleaning products
  • if you don’t have a dedicated cleaning closet, use a rolling cart for your cleaning “closet”. It can be rolled away into another closet or tucked into a corner when not in use. Just add some divider bins to store similar items together.
  • utilize all of the vertical space by hanging brooms or mops on hooks or attaching acrylic adhesive bins to the sides of a closet for extra storage. {You can see the adhesive acrylic bins that I use in our kitchen cabinets.}

I hope you found these cleaning closet organization ideas helpful! Do you have any other favorite products that I didn’t include? I always like finding new items, so let me know!

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