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Front Entry Closet
Our front entry closet is super small but needs to serve a variety of purposes. It stores our coats, accessories, shoes, dog supplies, my purses, cleaning products and a few other random items. Despite being such a hardworking space, this closet has definitely been neglected and I really haven’t done anything with it for years. When I decided not to use this peel and stick wall paper in our bedroom, I thought that the closet would be the perfect space to try it out. And that’s how our mini-closet makeover was born!

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Small Closet Organization Ideas
Today I wanted to share a few simple tips and organization strategies to help you optimize your closet storage. Taking a little time to think about what you need to store and how you want to organize your items, can make a huge difference in how your space will function. So find a closet or other small space in your home that’s been driving you crazy and put these tips to the test!
Start with a blank slate.
If you’re wanting to do some re-organizing in any closet space, I always recommend starting with a clean slate. Emptying everything out allows you to better see the space and get a little more creative with alternative ways that you can arrange things. Declutter and purge items that you don’t want or use so you know exactly what you need to put back into the closet. {See my tips on how to declutter and organize any space HERE.} Sort any remaining items into categories {grouping similar items together} for more functional storage. And prioritize your most important items if you’re short on space. Once this is done, you’ll have a much clearer picture of your storage needs.

If you think you still have too many items, you’ll need to go back to the drawing board. Are there any items remaining that you really don’t need and could get rid of? Are there off-season items that could be stored elsewhere and rotated around with the seasons? Keep editing until you’re down to what you need.
Identify your storage needs.
Now that you’ve scaled down what you really want to keep, it’s time to start looking at organization options.  Always make sure you measure your space beforehand and know your needs prior to shopping for storage solutions. Here are some ideas for you…
Hanging Storage
If you need to hang coats, clothing, or other items, some kind of hanging bar {as opposed to actual wall hangers or pegs} will give you the most storage space. The wire shelf and rod in our closet is a very inexpensive option and provides a shelf above for additional storage. These can always be cut down to match the exact dimensions in your closet. Use matching, thin coat hangers to provide a more cohesive look and save on space.

Bins are perfect for storing smaller, loose items that you want to remain hidden. To keep things organized, have a dedicated space for each grouping of items so you’re always storing similar items together. Label the bins if needed. We have a bin for my personal accessories, one for my husband’s items, and one for all of the dogs’ extra stuff {collars, brushes, dog bags, etc.}. The kids store their stuff in our laundry room/mudroom, so we keep all of their stuff out of here!

Storage Cubes
Storage cubes are another great, inexpensive storage solution and I love using them in closets! They can provide a ton of storage for both bins as well as larger, open items. Using half bins and half open storage, gives the space a little more of a lighter feel and still allows a few peeks at the pretty wall paper. Depending on your space, you can position them vertically or horizontally.

Shoe Storage
Shoe racks generally fit well below any hanging storage. Look for expandable shoe rack options so you can really optimize your space or double them up if they’re still not long enough. If your shoe rack will be more out in the open and you wanted something a little more substantial looking, I like this option. A hanging shoe organizer would also work and these work great for other storage options too! {see below}. Make sure you have an idea of the type of footwear and how many pairs of shoes you want to store so you can make sure that the shoe rack will fit for your needs. Winter boots, for example, will either need to be stored on the top shelf or a shoe rack with higher shelves.
Optimize the layout.
This has got to be one of the most awkward closet spaces that I have worked on. The closet is set at an angle to the small door opening and is kind of shaped like a right angle triangle. I tried to do my best with the photos, but given the space, poor light, and weird angles, it’s definitely not the easiest space to photograph.
Make it pretty.
Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty! This closet hadn’t been painted in about 18 years so it was definitely in need of a touch-up. To get started, we painted it using Old Soul by Benjamin Moore to match the rest of the hallway color. I then added some pretty removeable peel and stick wall paper that I picked up at Home Depot.

The peel and stick wall paper is so easy to apply – even easier than painting a wall! I love seeing the pretty paper every time I open the door. I know it may sound silly to try and make a little closet look pretty, but I find that it’s much more motivating to keep it clean and organized when I love the look!
Add a light.
Trying to find things in this closet when it was dark out used to drive me crazy.  We’d often have to get a flashlight to see into the corners and bins and it was such a pain. I got this stick on LED light for Christmas and it has been one of the most useful little gadgets that we own. It has motion and light sensors so it only goes on when the door is opened and the light is required. It’s the little things in life that make such a difference! lol!

Maximize all of the vertical storage.
For small spaces, it’s so important to maximize all of that vertical storage. Bring that storage up as high as you can and look for any wall spaces where extra storage can be added. Keep less used items or out-of-season items up higher and keep those daily items within easy reach. Wall hooks are a great way to add a little extra storage for non-bulky items that you need to access on the go.  I use these hooks for my purse and scarf as well as guest coats {when we can actually have company again!}. There’s even a small shelf on the top of the unit with a basket for our sunglasses and any other small items.

Utilize those awkward spaces.
The far corner of the closet is extremely small – not even a foot wide – with really awkward angles. These super sturdy mop and broom hooks work perfectly for holding our cleaning products. I love that this one from Homely has both the hooks and the rubber tool slots. It also comes in a variety of sizes so you can totally maximize storage for your specific space.

These hangers would also be perfect for the garage for storing outdoor and gardening tools. They can be screwed into the wall for heavier storage needs but also come with a double sided adhesive option as well. Since we’re having to pull our cleaning tools out at an odd angle, we ended up screwing ours into the wall to secure.

Use a hanging organizer.
I love using hanging shoe organizers in closet spaces – and they don’t have to be just used for shoes! They come in different lengths, widths, and configurations, so you can tailor them to whatever space you have. You can even find some with drawer units in them. I used ours for some extra cleaning supply storage but you could really use them for anything. Accessories, clothing, dog supplies, extra coats – the potential is endless!

I hope these tips help you out and inspire you to look at those small spaces! If you have any great organizing tips for small spaces of your own, let me know. I always love to hear from you!
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