Get your spice drawer organized with these expert spice organization strategies from Krystee, Professional Organizer over at Sparx Organizing! 

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Having your spices organized makes your meals come together quicker without fumbling to find the spices you need, and it is much easier to see what you actually have on hand to make your meals with! 

As a professional organizer, Krystee goes into client’s homes with an open mind & ask many questions to make each space a custom fit for that family.

No two kitchens are organized in the same way.

The way you organize your kitchen is dependent on the space you have, and  how your family uses that kitchen. 

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Let’s get your spices organized! 

Here are the top ways that Krystee helps her clients organize their spice drawers! 
Organize your spices in a kitchen drawer!
Some people may fear that it will take up serious real estate in your kitchen, but if you have the room why not!?

A nice shallow top drawer where you lay the spices down label facing up can give you all the feels.  This route works best if you traditionally purchase the same brand of spices so they fit together nicely and stay lined up. 

PRO TIP: You can sort them by alphabetical order, by colour or by category (ie: chicken, beef, baking, etc.)
Organize your spices on a riser!
A riser is tiered little shelf (or big and expandable). Place your riser in a kitchen cupboard or in your pantry! 

It is often advertised as a way to store canned goods but it works wonders for spices and gives you the ability to see everything at a glance – which is exactly what we need when making that sneaky veggie Chili! 
Organize your spices by decanting them!
If you want an Instagram or Pinterest worthy look, you can decant your spices as you would flour or pasta noodles (if that’s your sort of thing!).

You can easily purchase similar looking containers and have custom labels made by krystee or buy some generic labels from Amazon. 

 If you have a deep drawer or are lucky enough to have a custom spice drawer you can even place labels on the tops of the jars so you can pick and choose easily. 

Not quite that crafty? Try a Sharpie chalk pen & give your writing a go! Masking tape and a sharpie work well too!
Organize your spices on the back of your pantry door!
This solution is simple, easy and fast!

Whether it be a pantry or cupboard door, every kitchen has one which makes this spice organization so attainable!

Many major brands have wonderful door shelves that can be installed within minutes to the back of any door, and house spices in a pinch.

 This option also gives you a ton of space for growth and backstock – it can hold those giant Costco sized bottles no problem.
Organize your spices on a turntable / lazy suzan
Last, but definitely not least is our ultimate favourite way to organize spices!

Turntables / lazy susans have come a long way and no longer look like a heavy wooden chunky wheel our Grandmother’s had on the dinner table. 

You might think that they take up too much space, therefore not fully utilizing the shelf. But, believe it or not they actually work better by being able to see everything by a simple whirl!

Steph uses these in her fridge AND pantry! 

They come in various sizes to fit almost every space and give you the ability to see all of your spices quickly and efficiently.  These can be easily placed in a cupboard or pantry – just spin to win!
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If any of this completely overwhelms you – get a consult with Sparx Organizing!  and they will make those spices work for you and your kitchen!
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