Gift Wrap Storage Items – Safely Store your Wrapping Paper!

Do you have leftover rolls of wrapping paper from Christmas and want to store it safely for next year? We found some handy Gift Wrap Storage Items for you! Check out the other Amazon Coupons & Sales we’ve posted, too.

Gift Wrap Storage Items

I hate it when my wrapping paper gets messed up, so these Wrapping Paper Storage Sets are a must-have.

Get Your Wrapping Paper Storage Here

Not only do I have Christmas wrapping paper to store but birthday paper as well. Grab one of thes for each holiday or event so you know where everything is!

This Wrapping Paper Storage Set comes with 2 wrapping paper holders. These hold 40″ and 31″ and you can put several rolls in each, depending on big each roll is. Get this on sale for $13.76 – only $6.88 each!!

There are a lot of other storage options available, too. I love this Tall Wrapping Paper Storage Box because you can stand it up so it doesn’t get smushed. Get this for $27.95.

This Hanging Gift Wrap and Bag Organizer is awesome because you can use it to store wrapping paper, gift bags, bows and more. And, it can hang behind your door! This is only $12.99!

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