Having a child is a momentous occasion, one that should be celebrated with first time dad gifts

And first time dads need to feel special.That’s where gifts for new dads come in. Whatever you get him when his newborn arrives should spark joy, for sure, while also serving a practical purpose and making his life a little bit easier. And more fun.

Here are some unique, memorable, and useful gifts for new dads that will help him navigate the early days of fatherhood while reminding him that he’s still cool.
Best New Dad Gifts PAPERCLIP Changing Bag
Why is this the best diaper bag and worth every penny? Because it was designed by two dads and has the most awesome roll-out changing pad/portable table we've seen.
Buy Now $100.00
Not only does this bad boy have four big zip-up compartments, along with seven pockets and a side bottle holder. It’s also made of the equivalent of 51 recycled water bottles. And its unique roll-out changing mat makes diaper changes easy. 
YETI Rambler 14oz Mug
Coffee will be dad's go-to libation, so get him this best-in-class portable mug.
Buy Now $24.99
This thing keep coffee hot, water cold, won’t ever crack or break, and has no cheesy sayings announcing that he’s the world’s best dad.
Dad will be plenty busy, so give him the world's best multi-purpose tool he can use one-handed.
Buy Now $59.95
The tool pops open with a simple thumb push. And this tiny little gadget has 12 tools and a magnetic closure. This way, dad has easy access to a pocket knife, plus spring-action scissors, tweezers, and multiple screwdrivers.
Bugaboo Stroller Organizer
He'll be shocked by just how much crap he'll be toting around, so keep it classy with this stroller organizer.
Buy Now $39.95
This well-made stroller organizer is compatible with any stroller and attaches to either the handlebar or behind the seat. And it converts into a diaper bag tote.
Valtcan Titanium Carabiner
At just 14 grams, this one of the lightest, yet most durable, carabiners you can buy for dad.
Buy Now $27.46
He’ll use this carabiner daily, whether he’s attaching his keys to his belt loops, or an extra bag to the stroller handles.
Decadent Minimalist Men's DM1 Aluminum Wallet
Simplicity is the goal here, and you can't get much sleeker than this men's wallet, which is made from a single piece of aluminum.
Buy Now $139.00
This wallet cuts out all the extras that bring on the bulge. It does not block RFID, which means you can use it to quickly access cards. There are no screws, hinges, snaps, magnets, straps or rubber bands to break apart. And it’s gorgeous.
WizGear Multifunctional Phone Mount
Dad can take the baby for a stroll, and still get sports scores and the latest on the 2020 election, thanks to this handy phone mount.
Buy Now $19.99
A simple accessory that snaps to a stroller’s handlebars, this adjustable mount fits a variety of phones. It’s a great new dad gift because it’s good for hands-free screen access and, if a new dad finds himself on a solo walk in the park with a sleeping baby, he can catch up on some TV.
Anker Charger
Never lose power again with the niftiest charger we've ever seen.
Buy Now $49.99
Dads have a ton of things on their minds. Keeping their devices charged shouldn’t be one of them. Get him the smallest and most efficient charger you can buy, to power up tablets and phones. Plus, it weighs as much as a can of soup.
Cashmeren Cashmere Sweatpants
Dads need sweats. And sweats get a major upgrade when you get a cashmere pair.
Buy Now $51.80
Who needs cashmere sweats? Not a damn person. Who will cherish cashmere sweats? Every dude we know.
Personalized Miniature Steak Branding Iron by Sloan Brands
So he's into steaks? Then get him branding irons his kid's initials.
Buy Now $25.00
With these personalized branding iron, he can leave his mark on chickens, steaks, burgers, or pork chops. Even quesadillas. They’re just over one inch tall.
DadWare Cotton Bondaroo
Yes, it might seem a little odd at first, but this shirt promotes skin-to-skin bonding.
Buy Now $39.99
A perfect gift for the dad of a newborn, so he can bond with his tot by having easy, seamless skin-to-skin contact. Just beware of the velcro.
Sleep Eye Mask for Men
This contoured sleep mask effectively blocks out light, so exhausted new dads can grab a few minutes, or hours, of sleep. If they're lucky.
Buy Now $15.99
You don’t think about having a sleep mask until you need to immediately grab shut-eye in the few moments available to you. And he can fight crime in it, too.
vivobarefoot Ra Ii, Mens Leather Barefoot Oxford Lace Up Shoe
These light, flexible and breathable leather sneakers, with an ultra-thin sole, are a clutch piece of dad gear when he goes back to work.
Buy Now $150.00
These kicks are both comfortable but cool enough to wear to the office. It’s an upgrade for your sneaks, and can easily transition to playground outings. 
TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller
In the few moments he has to himself, dad can use this foam roller to stretch and get gym-ready for the moment in the distant future when his baby is actually sleeping long enough for him to work out.
Buy Now $34.95
He can use it between diaper changes, during midnight feeds, and while watching mindless TV when the baby is napping to relieve stress and loosen his muscles.
Nintendo Switch Lite - Turquoise
The new Nintendo Switch Lite is cheaper than its predecessor, and great for quick forays into gaming.
Buy Now $199.96
The new Nintendo Switch Lite is both cheaper, and lighter, than the original, which means fewer bells and whistles. But it’s also handy to have around to give dad a little break from reality.
Hada Labo Tokyo Ultimate Anti-aging Facial Mask
This sheet mask is like a cold shower for your face.
Buy Now $8.49
These masks are cheap and he can put them on before work so he doesn’t look quite as dead and sleep-deprived as he feels. 
Vianetic Smart Baby Diaper Backpack
This diaper bag has an external USB port to charge your devices, an insulated thermal pack, and a pull-out caddy..
Buy Now $259.00
Not only does this diaper bag not look remotely like a diaper bag, but it has so many awesome features you’d want in a regular backpack. It stands upright, which is a huge bonus when you have a bag that topples over.And it has more than 10 accessible mesh and standard pockets, and an interior caddy system. Plus it charges your phone.
VIJA Men’s Skin-to-Skin Kangaroo Care T-shirt Black
This skin-to-skin shirt has adjustable head support for the baby, is made from cotton and spandex, and lets dad snuggle with his infant.
Buy Now $83.00
It’s a simple yet brilliant concept: You wear your baby next to your skin, to promote bonding. Plus, you free your hands up to do other stuff. He’ll love it. This specific shirt is for babies up to 15 pounds.
Baby Shusher
Babies need sleep. New parents need sleep. And dad needs this soother, which lulls a baby to sleep with a calming sound that uses a real human voice.
Buy Now $34.99
The Baby Shusher helps calm a baby using a technique popularized by Dr. Harvey Karp. As its name suggests, the shusher emits rhythmic shushing noises to help babies sleep. And give dads (and moms) a break.
Ostrich Pillow GO Travel Pillow
This memory foam pillow lets dad sleep on the couch, in the rocker, or wherever he can get a minute.
Buy Now $59.99
Not only does the Ostrich pillow provide serious neck support, but it has an easily removable and washable sleeve that’s soft and breathable.
BERYL Pixel Front and Rear in-one Light
If dad wants to go for a quick run, or bike ride, this light is for him. This bike (or stroller) light attaches anywhere. It has a multi-attach clip, switches between red or white, and makes sure he's visible from every angle.
Buy Now $28.98
This versatile and lightweight light holds 10 hours of power on a single charge, lights up in red or white, and attaches anywhere he needs.
Genuine Crazy Horse Leather Electronics Organizer Roll Bag
Help dad stay organized with this stupidly handy roll-up charger travel case.
Buy Now $43.21
He’ll never leave home without this roll-up case, which has three mesh pockets for a USB, SD card, SIM card or other small items, two mesh zipper compartment for his phone, mouse, power bank, two leather compartments to store passports, plus of course, Velcro for the chargers.
Wireless Qi-Certified Fast Charger with Mug Warmer
This charger is nothing short of brilliant. It warms his java, or cools his beer, and powers up 7.5W and 10W compatible phones.
Buy Now $79.99
Dead devices are a total buzzkill. So is a lack of needed caffeine. Avoid that at all costs with this charging stand, which ensures he has hot coffee and a fully charged phone. It works with Apple and Android devices.
Helikon-Tex Urban Line, Bandicoot Waist Pack
Fanny packs are tacky, but they do provide a very crucial hands-free benefit. This one is next level. Bandicoot's medium-sized waist pack fits all his everyday essentials.
Buy Now $34.90
This waist pack has a roomy main chamber, and a detachable organizer with three flat pockets and five elastic bands. It has a two-way zipper that allows easy access to the main chamber from either side of the bag. Plus it can be used as a chest bandoleer.
MORPHEUS LABS M4s iPhone X Bike Mount
This phone mount is for bikes, but works just as well on strollers. It has a magnetic quick lock that securely holds your phone wherever you mount it, and 360 degree rotation so you can see it from every angle.
Buy Now $49.99
This rugged phone mount attaches to his bike or stroller in seconds, offers 360 degree views, and fits handlebars from Ø 7/8″ (22mm) to 1-1/4” (32mm). Meaning, it’s fantastic for playground outings. It’s solid, and easy to use. Which is what a new dad needs.  
Solar Power Bank
Never run out of power again with this portable solar-powered phone charger.
Buy Now $21.99
This charger attaches to your stroller and charges two devices while you’re on the go. Handy, right?
YETI SideKick Dry
When he's on the go with the kiddo, he'll appreciate having this YETI waterproof gear case along for the ride.
Buy Now $49.99
The YETI The SideKick Dry keeps his wallet, phone, keys and everything else essential dry and protected from the elements. It’s waterproof and has rugged seams to keep out wetness.
Velomacchi Speedway Tablet Sleeve Black
Velomacchi sets the gold standard in protecting tech gear. And this laptop sleeve is no exception. It has a reinforced 1680D ballistic shell with a quilted front panel for extra protection, should he drop his iPad.
Buy Now $45.00
This particular tablet sleeve fits 8-10 inch devices, and protects them every which way, thanks to its ballistic shell. It also has foam padding around all surfaces for extra oomph.
Melin Men’s A-Game Snapback Hat
This is a brilliant cap with a hidden interior pocket for stashing cash or a key. It's a dad win.
Buy Now $79.00
There’s a time and a place for dad-head. But sometimes, he’s just not in the mood. So get him this cap, which has a heathered jersey crown with laser perforated side and rear panels for breathability and less sweat.
Radiate Portable Campfire
You get three hours of burn time with this portable campfire, which uses recycled soy wax. That means no smoky smell.
Buy Now $27.99
Light his fire with this portable campfire, which you can set up anywhere, from the backyard to the beach, for some smoke-free vibes. It’s a mini vacation without leaving your yard.
Native Union Belt Cable
He can charge his Apple devices insanely fast with this cable, which wraps up neatly when he's done.
Buy Now $25.00
No more messy, tangled cables. The four-foot braided cable is wrapped up and secured with an integrated leather belt so it’s always ready to charge. Which means his phone never runs out of juice.
This portable speaker delivers 13 hours of nonstop sound.
Buy Now $99.99
This portable speaker is drop-proof, waterproof, and dustproof. Meaning, it’s ready for kid-inspired park adventures and cookouts.
Threadrock Taco & Taquito Infant Bodysuit & Men's T-Shirt Matching Set
We're not fans of overly-cute, gimmicky T-shirts, especially T-shirt combos, but this set is actually, well, sort of delicious.
Buy Now $19.95
We love that this set is entirely gender-neutral. Plus, as taco fans, we approve of the messaging. The infant bodysuit is made of 100 percent ringspun cotton, and the men’s T-shirt is also made of preshrunk cotton and a seamless rib collar.
TBG Tactical Baby Carrier
One of the biggest frustrations with baby carriers is that you need an army of people to help you actually put it on. This rugged carrier is eminently easy to use and wear.
Buy Now $125.00
This baby carrier is no joke. The front-harness baby carrier gives dad hands-free parenting power, and can be paired with the brand’s compatible pouches and carabiners. It’s got a removable, washable cotton liner and is suitable for babies eight to 33 pounds.
Vivora Luno Sitting Ball
Not only does this ball look like a work of art, but it also activates back and core support muscles, which promotes good posture. Meaning, it'll give his back a break after toting the kid around.
Buy Now $49.99
You can choose from a slew of colors. And because most new dads don’t have time to go to yoga classes or the gym, he can get a nice stretch at home. Just note, this does need to be inflated.
The Ridge Authentic Minimalist Metal RFID Blocking Wallet
Help him simplify and minimize with this Ridge metal wallet, which protects cards from even the most powerful RFID chip readers.
Buy Now $75.00
This metal wallet has a cash strap, and holds up to 12 cards without stretching out. And it helps keep his info under wraps. It’s slim, it’s sleek, it gets him out the door.
OLUKAI Men’s Nohea Moku Shoe
Because when you're holding a baby, you don't have enough hands left to tie your shoes. So get him these stylish slip-ons, which look like a sneaker but work just as well in water.
Buy Now $65.99
No more sweaty, nasty feet. These slip-on sneakers have a lightweight breathable mesh upper with a stretch air-mesh tongue and gusset. They’re crazy comfortable, to boot, for all the strolls to the park.
Skip Hop Messenger Diaper Bag with Matching Changing Pad, Duo Signature
We love the look of this bag. But it's also got everything a new dad needs, including 10 total pockets with two mesh side bottles, a front zip pocket, an easy access pocket and a machine washable cushioned changing pad.
Buy Now $46.99
Nothing, and we do mean nothing, screams diapers when you look at this understated messenger bag. It fits all the baby gear he needs, plus his electronics.
PhoneSoap 3.0 UV Sanitizer and Universal Phone Charger
Every new parent is terrified of germs. But every new parent wants to snap endless photos of their infant. Therefore, you need this sanitizer.
Buy Now $79.95
Your phone is a nasty petri dish of germs. Not only does this gadget kill 99 percent of bacteria with its UV light, but it also fits all phones, including the iPhone 8 Plus. You’re welcome.
Bevel Shave System
No, new dads don't have time for elaborate grooming routines. Yes, new dads want to look groomed. So get him this set to help him shave with total confidence.
Buy Now $83.89
The packaging had us sold from the get-to. But the kit itself packs a major punch. He gets a safety razor, shave brush, oil, shaving cream, and restoring balm.
Sea Stones on the Rocks
Keep your drinks cold with these six handcrafted chilling stones made from natural granite.
Buy Now $34.99
You also get two monogrammed glasses, plus a serving tray. We love these stones because they’re non-porous and resistant to both odor and flavor absorption, so your drinks taste totally smooth.
Parker Baby Diaper Backpack
Every new dad needs a new diaper bag, preferably one that doesn't look like a diaper bag. This is it.
Buy Now $69.95
We dig this diaper bag because of its backpack design. The interior includes a padded laptop pocket, mesh pocket organizers, and other organization essentials. Plus, there’s an insulated side pocket, and a mesh diaper organizer. It comes with stroller straps, too.
Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug
You need coffee. You need hot coffee. You need coffee that won't spill on you or your baby. Hello, Stanley.
Buy Now $39.95
You push the stroller with one hand, and you use your other one to open and close the push button lid on this mug, which keeps drinks hot for six hours, and cold for 24 hours.
TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller
Your dogs won't bark anymore after you roll them on this handy massager.
Buy Now $16.95
So you’re tired after wheeling your kid around in the stroller? We’ve got you covered with this foot massager, which gives tired, sore, achy feet new life.
NIX Advance Digital Photo Frame 8 inch
This digital frame has a 1024 x 768 pixel IPS display (4:3). Dad can showcase thousands of photos of his little darling.
Buy Now $69.99
The great new dad gift comes with a remote control and lets you play HD videos and photos in the same slideshow. The resolution is spot-on, and the design is understated. After all, you want the kid to take center stage.
HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer
Speaking of photos, don't you want to print them out directly from your phone? Why, yes you do.
Buy Now $129.85
This tiny printer fits right into his pocket, and delivers 2-by-3-inch sticky-backed photos of his new baby.
Whiskware Pancake Art Kit with Batter Mixer
Jimmy Kimmel has become the prince of pancakes. He customizes them for his kids. But step back, Jimmy, because there's a new chef in town.
Buy Now $23.00
Before you know it, a baby will start eating solids. And that’s when dad can impress him or her with glorious, fun, delicious breakfast treats.
Fujifilm X-A5 Mirrorless Digital Camera
In the age of digital-everything, it's nice to go old-school, and look sleek while doing it.
Buy Now $499.00
This retro-styled instant camera has a 60-mm lens that lets you get up close and personal shots and automatic exposure control to ensure your images aren’t blown out or too dark. It’s the perfect way to instantly take photos that a new dad can put in his wallet, frame or pin to a board at work.
Philips Norelco Multi Groomer
With a new baby in the house, self-care goes out the window. So give dad some much-needed tools in this handy set.
Buy Now $44.99
You can take care of dad’s face, head, nose, ears, and toes all in one place. He gets 23 pieces for all his grooming needs, including two stubble trimming guards, two body trimming guards, an eyebrow trimming guard, a storage bag and a cleaning brush. 

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