How to Display Handbags at Home

If you love collecting handbags, you’ve probably amassed quite a collection, so why not show them off? Handbags always look great when they’re displayed in the store, but it can be difficult to showcase your own handbags once you get home. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can organize and arrange your clutches, purses, and satchels to show off their beauty inside and outside of the closet.


[Edit]In Your Closet

  1. Group your purses on door hooks. Throw a few door hooks over the top of your door, then hang up your handbags by the handles. When you open up your closet, your purses will be there to greet you every time! Plus, you can easily color match them with any outfit.[1]
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    • You can find plain, white door hooks at most home goods stores, or you can look for decorative ones online.
  2. Put up a few wire baskets on your closet door for a modern look. Wire baskets are great for holding small purses and clutches. Grab a few of these baskets and attach them to the inside of your closet door with 2 screws, then arrange your purses inside of them. Tuck the handles in so they don’t fall everywhere when you open the door.[2]
    Display Handbags at Home Step 2.jpg
    • If you don’t have enough room on the back of your closet door, try affixing the shelves to a wall instead.
  3. Display your handbags on your shelves along with your shoes. If you have a big enough closet space where you can put your shoes on shelves, your handbags will probably look great there, too. Stuff your larger handbags with bubble wrap or newspaper to keep them standing upright, then arrange them in between your nicest heels.[3]
    Display Handbags at Home Step 3.jpg
    • This is a great technique to try if you have shelving units in your closet.
    • Now your closet will look picturesque, just like a boutique!
  4. Separate your handbags with magazine organizers. Magazine organizers are great places to keep small clutches while still being able to see them. Set a few of these up on a shelf in your closet, then arrange your small handbags inside. You’ll still be able to see the color and shape, so you can easily grab whichever purse you’d like.[4]
    Display Handbags at Home Step 4.jpg
    • You can find organizers like this at most craft supply or home goods stores.
    • If you don’t want to go for clear ones, pick colorful ones that match the rest of your bedroom décor.
  5. Use shower curtain rings to hang your handbags easily. If you have closet space and you want to keep your handbags up off the ground, attach a few shower curtain rings to the wooden rod in your closet, then hang your handbags by the handle. You can easily slide them back and forth to look through all your bags and pick the one you want to wear.[5]
    Display Handbags at Home Step 5.jpg
    • If any of your handbags have delicate straps, this might not be a great idea. Hanging your handbags can put a lot of tension on the strap connections, leading to wear and tear over time.
  6. Arrange smaller handbags in hanging organizers. Grab a small cloth organizer (kind of like a shoe organizer but for handbags) and throw it over the top of your closet door. Set your handbags inside of it for easy access and a nice arrangement.[6]
    Display Handbags at Home Step 6.jpg
    • You can find handbag organizers at most home goods stores.
    • These organizers are usually only big enough for small to medium-sized handbags, so your larger ones might need somewhere else to go.
  7. Mount a pegboard if you have space. Attach a wooden pegboard to the back of your closet (if you don’t like the brown, you can paint it white) with 4 screws, 1 in each corner. Use pegboard hooks to hang your handbags by the straps and keep them up and out of the way.[7]
    Display Handbags at Home Step 7.jpg
    • You can also use your pegboard to hang little notes to yourself, add signs, or organize necklaces.

[Edit]Outside the Closet

  1. Keep your handbags out of direct sunlight. As you arrange your handbags, make sure you keep them away from windows or natural light. UV rays can fade the surface of handbags, so it’s best to keep them in a room with shades.[8]
    Display Handbags at Home Step 8.jpg
    • If you can’t avoid putting your handbags in natural light, just be sure to rotate which side faces out every few weeks. That way, the entire bag will get the same amount of exposure to light.
    • This is especially important for expensive handbags that you don’t want to ruin.
  2. Attach a few plastic hooks to the wall to hang your handbags. You can easily hang your handbags up on the wall by using plastic hooks that attach to your wall with Velcro strips. Hang up a few of these right outside your closet so you can easily pick out which handbag matches your outfit each morning.[9]
    Display Handbags at Home Step 9.jpg
    • If you can’t find adhesive hooks, you can always hang a few up with nails.
  3. Use a mounted coat rack to hang multiple handbags at once. Coat racks don’t have to be for coats! Use a coat rack that mounts to the wall to hang your long-handled handbags and keep them by the door for easy reach.[10]
    Display Handbags at Home Step 10.jpg
    • You can also use this coat rack to hang necklaces, bracelets, and scarves.
  4. Sort your handbags in cubbies to organize and flaunt them. When you walk into most luxury handbag stores, the first thing you notice is the wall of purses and clutches. You can replicate this by buying a wooden cubby shelf and putting it up in your room. Then, arrange your handbags so they each have their own cubby and they’re standing upright.[11]
    Display Handbags at Home Step 11.jpg
    • Depending on how many handbags you have, you can buy a small cubby (one that reaches the middle of your wall) or a large one (one that spans the entire width of the wall).
    • You can also use this cubby to display your heels, too.
  5. Dedicate an entire bookshelf just to handbags. Similar to the cubby, a bookshelf can draw attention to your handbags, too. Get one large enough to hold all of your handbags, then arrange them side by side, kind of like books. You’ll be surprised at just how many bags you can fit on one shelf![12]
    Display Handbags at Home Step 12.jpg
    • If you don’t want to buy a brand new bookshelf, look for one at a thrift store to save some money.
    • You could sort your bags by size, color, or material for a fun, eye-catching display.
  6. Drape your smaller handbags on a full-length mirror. Lean your full-length mirror against the wall and wrap the handles of your handbags around the top 2 corners. Make sure the bodies of the bags aren’t blocking the view, though![13]
    Display Handbags at Home Step 13.jpg
    • If your mirror is mounted to the wall, this trick won’t work.
  7. Show off clutches using a wine rack. Wine rack, purse rack—it’s all the same. Mount a small wine rack to your walls and replace the bottles with small purses and clutches. You can pick them out every day and pretend like you’re sipping on a beautifully aged pinot noir.[14]
    Display Handbags at Home Step 14.jpg
    • If you have room in your kitchen, this can be a cute way to incorporate your handbags as part of the décor.


  • Stuff your handbags with bubble wrap or newspapers so they keep their shape.
  • Try to store your bags upright to avoid creasing and cracking.


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