It’s time to start your holiday shopping—here are the best gifts from HSN

It's time to start your holiday shopping—here are the best gifts from HSN— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

Looking for a great gift to buy for someone you know and love? Look no further, as HSN is the perfect place to buy something they'll not only remember, but also use for a long time. This online store has some incredible finds and celeb-founded favorites at low prices in electronics, home goods, kitchen, and makeup brands.

We combed through thousands of products at HSN to find the 15 best gifts for the 2021 holiday shopping season. Here are our favorite gifts you can buy at HSN, including products we've tested in our science labs and homes.

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1. For the one who always loves to keep it clean: A robot vacuum

Credit: HSN

A Roomba will keep things clean.

A robot vacuum is a wonderful gift for someone who loves to keep their house clean but may not have the time to vacuum during the day. The iRobot i3 Roomba laser maps out the floor to ensure it’s cleaning every nook and cranny. If it happens to run out of charge during a cleaning session, it will return itself to the charging station and go back to cleaning once it’s fully charged—starting right where it left off. The iRobot i3 is also compatible with Alexa, so it’ll be easier than ever for them to schedule cleaning times.

Get the iRobot i3 Roomba from HSN for $299.99

2. For the coffee lover: Keurig coffee maker

Credit: HSN

They’ll stay awake with the ultimate coffee maker.

If you always see your giftee with an expensive cup of Starbucks coffee, a Keurig would be the perfect gift. The Keurig K-Supreme Coffee Maker is highly customizable with the ability to brew a 6, 8, 10, or 12-ounce cup of coffee. It brews hot or cold coffee, so it’ll be in use every season. And rest assured, if they use a travel mug, it will fit, as this coffee maker accommodates cups up to 7.2 inches tall.

“If you’re like me and usually have a cup of coffee before work and maybe an occasional cup of hot chocolate or tea in the afternoon, this is the most convenient Keurig I’ve own for just making a hot beverage quickly and with little hassle,” one reviewer raved.

Get the Keurig K-Supreme Coffee Maker with 24 K-Cups and My K-Cup from HSN for $149.99

3. For the gamer: Nintendo Switch Console

Credit: HSN

A Nintendo Switch will ensure endless fun.

The Nintendo Switch is the gaming console that all ages enjoy. There’s a variety of games to choose from, whether they prefer to chill out on Animal Crossing, explore vast lands in Breath of the Wild, or even likes to get active at home with Ring Fit Adventure. This Nintendo Switch is top tier with a TV input, detachable Joy-Cons, and a Switch dock that charges the Switch when it’s not in use. This HSN product also includes a carrying case and screen protector, which is a perfect addition for a younger person who might be a little rougher with this game console.

Get the Nintendo Switch Neon Console with Screen Protector and Carry Case from HSN for $499.99

4. For the homemaker: An air fryer

Credit: HSN

They can make delicious and healthy food with an air fryer.

Air fryers have been the hot new thing, so you can help them get on trend with this purchase. The Cuisinart TOA-65 will replace their toaster since it has toaster oven functions such as baking, broiling, pizza, roast, toast, and more. This large-capacity oven has the capacity to air fry up to three pounds of food at once, so it can serve a whole family and more, but is compact to ensure it doesn't take up counter space. Boasting over 10,000 reviews with 4.4 stars, this is an ideal gift for someone who makes meals for their family.

Get the Cuisinart TOA-65 Air Fryer Toaster Oven 125-0399 from HSN for $309.95

5. For the home chef: Knife block set

Credit: HSN

A good chef should always have good knives on hand.

Good knives are hard to come by, but this Zwilling J.A. Henckels 7-piece Knife Block Set has nearly 2,000 reviews and sits at 4.8 stars. Each knife sits in a self-sharpening slot that holds ceramic honing rods that sharpen the knife each time it's taken out of the block, perfect for beginner cooks or more experienced chefs who don’t have time to sharpen knives while prepping. This set looks modern and beautiful with the handles being crafted from stained ash wood.

“I have dreamed about getting some good knives for quite a while,” one reviewer wrote. “I’m so happy with this self-sharpening set! It’s very sleek and modern looking and the self sharpener really does work! I love reaching for a knife knowing it will be sharp.”

Get the Zwilling J.A. Henckels 7-piece Self-Sharpening Knife Block Set from HSN for $99.95

6. For the one who loves the hair salon: A thermal curling brush

Credit: HSN

This will keep their hair salon perfect every day.

For a smooth, everyday hairstyle, the FHI Thermal Curling Brush adds volume and allows the user to create smooth curls or waves in their hair. It comes with everything they’ll need: a heat-protective glove and a travel pouch, so it’ll be easy for them to take it on the go.

“This iron helps add lift and volume plus smooth curls,” one reviewer gushed. “It is so well thought out with the retractable comb, two types of bristles, and various temperature options. It is easy to use and is my new go-to iron. I travel and the included case is simply amazing! The case offers the practical convenience of storing a hot iron and it protects the iron. The glove is a well-thought bonus, nice yet haven't had to use it. I'm very happy with this purchase.”

Get the FHI Brands Stylus Sphere Thermal Curling Brush with Thermal Glove from HSN for $132.99

7. For the disorganized one: A lid organizer

Credit: HSN

Keeping things organized in the kitchen.

It’s something we can all relate to: Having organized pots and pans, but nowhere to put the lids. This lid organizer can make a new arranged haven for up to eleven lids, and it will stay steady in a cupboard with its rubber feet. It's adjustable between 12.5 and 23 inches, so it will fit in most cabinets. It doesn't just organize lids, but works well for bakeware, cutting boards, and small pots and pans.

Get the Curtis Stone Adjustable Lid Organizer from HSN for $27.95

8. For the traveler: A rotary shaver

Credit: HSN

This will give a close shave.

Are they always away on business trips? The Remington Dual Flex Travel Rotary Shaver is compact and easy to toss into a toiletry bag and will stay charged for 90 minutes. This is best for someone who likes to stay clean shaven, but doesn’t want to take a huge amount of parts and dongles while traveling. Only three pieces are included and needed to get a good shave: the shaver, the charging cord, and the cleaning brush. They’ll throw them into their toiletry bag while packing and be good to go.

Get the Remington Dual Flex Travel Rotary Shaver from HSN for $36.25

9. For the grillmaster: A grill tool set

Credit: HSN

Get grilling with this tool set.

The Cuisinart Grill Tool Set includes 14 tools for grilling and are designed with hanging rings for storage. Made of stainless steel, these tools will last a long time and be making an appearance every summer. They come with a beautiful aluminum case, which makes it all the more impressive to pull out during grilling season.

“I gave this as a gift and the feedback was 100% 5 stars,” said one reviewer. “Glowing thanks and is being used a lot. When carrying the case out to the grill, other guys are commenting—even before the case is opened! 14 amazing pieces, easy to use, easy to clean and store. BUY THIS for yourself and as a gift. The praise you will receive is astounding.”

Get the Cuisinart Deluxe 14-Piece Grill Tool Set from HSN for $54.99

10. For the music-lover: Apple AirPods Pro

Credit: HSN

Airpods will drown out the noise.

Headphones are perfect for a music lover or an upgrade for someone who hasn't made the switch to wireless headphones. But not only do Apple AirPods just play music, they have three modes: noise-canceling, to block out surrounding noise; normal mode; and transparency mode, so the wearer is able to hear everything around them. The noise-canceling mode is a great upgrade for someone who is working in the office or is often on public transportation.

Get the Apple AirPods Pro with Accessories from HSN for $299.99

11. For the food prepper: Cuisinart Elemental 8 Cup Food Processor

Credit: HSN

They can make salsas, dips, or just chop veggies with a food processor.

The Cuisinart Elemental 8 Cup food processor does it all: it can make pie dough, salsa, hummus, and more. Or it can do the basics, like chop veggies and shred cheese for dinner prep. With 1,300 reviews and sitting at 4.4 stars, this might be the best investment you’ll make for your giftee.

“This food processor is a great size for a smaller kitchen, I cook mostly small meals for myself and maybe one or two additional people, and this 8-cup processor is perfect for these portion sizes,” one reviewer writes. “I’ve been able to make sauces, shred cheese, chop veggies, etc. with ease. The unit is small enough that it doesn’t take up too much space on the counter and it can be easily stored while not in use. Overall, very happy with this purchase!”

Get the Cuisinart Elemental 8 Cup Food Processor from HSN for $99.95

12. For the adventurer: GoPro Hero 9

Credit: HSN

The GoPro can go with them on every adventure.

This is the ultimate gift for someone who loves recording videos or taking pictures. Or maybe someone who wants to have more memories saved from their travels. Rated 4.6 stars with nearly 1,300 reviews, this camera bundle has everything they’ll need: a rechargeable battery, a protective carrying case, a head strap, adapters, and more. The camera itself is waterproof up to 33 feet underwater and made to take a beating. It will record video in 4K, so the videos will be incredible quality...even when they’re being recorded underwater.

“Since this is my first GoPro, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from this camera, but wow, it really does a great job! I now understand why YouTubers and other professionals would use this over a smartphone,” one reviewer writes. “The video quality from this camera was great and the HyperSmooth 3.0 technology is particularly impressive! It is amazing how smooth the video is despite lots of shaking and movement. This truly is a great device for creating beautiful and smooth videos on the go.”

Get the GoPro Hero 9 Silver Action Camera Bundle from HSN for $703.50

13. For the city-dweller: An air purifier

Credit: HSN

An air purifier will keep the air light and clean.

The Dyson Pure Hot & Cool Air Purifier doesn’t just purify the air, but also works as a heater and cooling fan. It has 3,000 reviews and 4.4 stars, so it’s an ideal gift for someone who lives near a highway or in a city and needs to purify the air in their home. The filter does not need to be washed, and a light will indicate when it needs to be changed. With a sleek design and hands-off method of control and care, this purifier will be a breath of fresh air.

“This fan has been great. It’s quiet and smooth—expected from Dyson. However, we purchased this during the height of the Colorado wildfires and extreme heat/drought/Smokey air quality,” one reviewer says. “We put this in our living room that is poorly insulated with two major doors outside. While always struggling to keep this room cool on a hot summer day, the Dyson over a 45 minute period changed our summers forever.”

Get the Dyson Pure Hot & Cool HP02 Link Purifier and Heater With Wi-Fi from HSN for $499.99

14. For the napper: Microfiber sheets

Credit: HSN

Staying cozy in bed can get addictive.

Sometimes, the best gift is improving the amount of coziness and simplicity in a person’s life, and these microfiber sheets are the perfect way of doing that. Super soft and available in a variety of colors, there's something for everyone. They will certainly be taking more naps when you gift these sheets. This set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases.

“I got the one with lavender flowers and I simply love it,” one fan wrote. “Not only is it beautiful, soft, and also very cozy. I washed them and dried them and they came out perfect. Love the fact that they came with an extra set of pillowcases.”

Get the South Street Loft Microfiber Sheet Set with Extra Pillowcases from HSN for $26.95

15. For someone going back to the office: Video doorbell

Credit: HSN

This will keep their house safe while they're away from home.

Perhaps they're someone who has gotten used to working from home, taking deliveries, and answering the door, but now has to return to the office. The Ring Security Video Doorbell keeps a lookout for anyone who shows up to the front door and sends direct notifications to the owner’s tablet, phone, and computer. It has infra-red night vision, so the video will be clear even when it’s dark outside. Sitting at 4.5 stars with nearly 10,000 reviews, this gift will be one for the books.

“The Ring camera system has to be one of the best ideas I've seen so far,” one reviewer writes. “There's nothing that I didn't like about this home security system. There are so many options to choose from and it can be customized In so many ways to fit your needs. You can add on motion sensors, video cameras, motion detectors, door and window sensors and more. There's no reason why you can't cover every inch of your home with the endless possibilities from Ring. The system comes ready to go right out the box and is easily set up.”

Get the Ring Security Video Doorbell 2020 with Chime & Ring Assist+ from HSN for $139.99

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