Jewelry Storage Ideas for Your Closet

Jewelry Storage Ideas for Your Closet

It's simple enough to know where to put your sweaters, jackets, and shoes, but do you know how to store your jewelry ? These pieces require special handling; you can't just put them on a hanger. Instead, you need a good storage option to keep it safe and easy to find.

After you sort your jewelry by type and occasion, you can use countertop organizers, custom jewelry drawers, wall organizers, or hanging organizers to stash your collection. The beauty of these ideas is they can be adjusted for any size closet.

Read on to discover how to keep your jewelry organized and read to wear, both in your bedroom and your closet.

Organize Your Jewelry by Type and Occasion

Before setting up an organizational system in your closet, you need to know what you are working with.  Take all of your jewelry from wherever you have it stored now, and sort it by type and occasion. Types of occasions you can sort by include:

  • Work
  • Casual
  • Special events

Once you have everything sorted, you'll have a better idea of the amount of jewelry you have and that will influence what kind of storage is necessary. For example, if you have fifty necklaces, but only ten rings,  you need more necklace storage options than ring storage options in your closet. Need more tips on organizing the things in your closet? Here's a piece on Effective Tips for Organizing Your Custom Closets by DASI Innovations . 

Countertop Organizers 

Depending on how big your closet is, you may have a lot or very little space to work with. A walk-in closet, for example, opens up a whole host of possibilities. If you have an island, you can use the countertop for sorting and displaying jewelry. Other organizers to consider include:

Jewelry Trays: A jewelry tray also referred to as a trinket tray, is a stylish-looking saucer to place jewelry on. Jewelry trays are generally temporary storage when taking a piece on or off. They are also used for storing items you use daily, such as your wedding or engagement ring.

According to Rex London , there are many other ways to use a trinket tray beyond jewelry storage. For instance, it can work triple duty to hold loose change, keys, or hair accessories together.

Display Holders: If you like to see your jewelry on full display, invest in some retail-style display holders. It's just another way to avoid clutter and remain organized. Think about creating one of the following:

  • A Bust display is used for holding necklaces. 
  • Bar display can be used for necklaces and bracelets. 
  • Ring finger display can keep your rings organized.

Cosmetic Storage Case: Another option is a clear, cosmetic storage case. This will provide a dedicated place to keep your jewelry, especially if your closet is on the smaller side. At the same time, cosmetic bags are travel friendly.

Traditional Jewelry Box: On your island countertop, you can always place a traditional jewelry box use it to store certain pieces. If you already have a standard jewelry box, place it on top of your dresser. There are plenty of jewelry boxes available that contain extra trays, holders, and adjustable compartments.

Custom Jewelry Drawers 

There are numerous customization options to consider, including velvet-lined jewelry drawers. Velvet is soft and will provide your gems with cushion and protection from damage. Add stackable drawer organizers to further sort your pieces by type, style, and occasion, while at the same time, storing all pieces in one place.

Wall Organizers

Put that valuable wall space to good use! Hang up small decorative wall hooks, as Architectural Digest suggests, to display your bracelets and necklaces. Eliminate tangled disasters altogether!

Add a small mirror to your wall that opens up to a jewelry organizer (similar to the traditional medicine cabinets seen in bathrooms). You'll have an extra space to try and store your jewelry at the same time! 

Hanging Jewelry Organizers

Don't have a counter or wall space? Purchase a hanging jewelry organizer. These organizers have a strong hook, just like those found on hangers. They can be hung inside of your closet, on a clothing rod.  Or, use an over-the-door jewelry organizer that hooks onto the top of your closet door, hanging down, and providing ample space for all of your accessories.


Decide how to store your jewelry properly to extend its life. You can use countertop organizers, install custom jewelry drawers, hang up well organizing tools, or use a hanging jewelry organizer to keep all of your accessories organized and easy to grab when getting ready.