Organizing Tips for Pets: How Can I Organize My Pets Stuff?

Learn organizing tips for pets in today’s blog. Do you have a multi-pet household and need to clear some clutter?  Are you always looking for Fido’s leash when it is time to take him for a walk?  Would you like to know how much pet food you have so it never goes bad or you never run out of litter?

Leashes, toys, treats, bowls, meds, and more…your pet’s “stuff” takes up space.  How do you keep it neat and orderly?

When I was a new cat mommy and had no clue when I was starting out. So here are some tips to clearing your pet’s clutter.  Remember, these are suggestions and you will need to figure out what works best for you.

Joey approved these organizing tips for pets.


We have a feeding station for dry and wet food and three communal water fountains throughout the house.

I learned that with more than one dog they need to investigate one another’s bowls and maybe carry them around.  They eat from others’ bowls but definitely don’t carry around.

Possibilities: A stationary feeding unit prevents dishes from disappearing or becoming chewed up.  Store food and treats close by.  Large plastic containers will keep food fresh and protected from curious paws. A bowl stand or a mat under the bowls can help keep the area neat and dry.

We keep our dry food in the pantry. 

Going to recommend that you use an airtight container to keep pet food in.  Food will keep six to 9 months when stored in a cool, dry place.

Save money buying larger sizes.  Get a container that will hold the size you typically buy. You can get more than one if you have different diets.  Keep near where you feed them.  We keep in our pantry.  I have a smaller one that I refill that is easy for me to tote around.

Have automated feeders if the need for diet or convenience.

There is also a collar the animal wears and will only bring food for them.


Wet food

Stack cans in the pantry or on a lazy Susan.  Tony added a little two-shelf unit where I keep wet food in the pantry.

Tip: always check expiration date. Just like in food, store may try and sell you expired food.


I have a litter pan I didn’t use (it was too small) so that now holds the treats as they get a variety. We have water bowls and food dishes in different areas because of different feeding issues.


Pet toys get spread all over the house and yard.  To keep things neat, you can easily clean everything up a few times or once a week.  We are a pet friendly household.

Keep a basket or box near where you and your pet play together and pile the toys in there. Or by their bed or crate.  When its playtime, you’ll both know where they are!

I use a car organizer that I got at Costco.  Most of the toys are in there and what I love about it is easily carry upstairs. With Athena still in her own room, this makes it easy on me.

Antonio loves to be organized!

The great outdoors.

Have all accessories for your pet, from leashes, reflector jackets, collapsible bowls, and waste-bag dispensers in one area. 

Keep one out at a time for each pet on a hook by the door or if you have a mudroom or entryway.

Keep travel gear, strollers, Frisbees, collapsible water bowls, old towels in a ready-to-grab bag or container.

Additional collars and leashes can go into a drawer or cubbies nearby.  They’ll stay clean and easy to find.

Also, I suggest keep grooming supplies here.  You can have in a bag or bucket.  The one I have has multiple pockets so you can keep it organized.

Tip: keep a plastic bag tied around the leash so you’ll never forget one.

How do you need to organize your pet’s food? How can you organize your pet’s toys? What other things do you need to think about organizing for your pets?

We miss Athena and hope she’s having fun at the Rainbow Bridge

Whether your pet is taking antibiotics, monthly heartworm pills, or you need to remember where you left the flea & tick medications; you will need a home for them.

Clear a shelf in the bathroom or kitchen, wherever it makes sense for you to give your pet his medications.  You’ll always know where they go and if you need a refill.  We keep ours in the kitchen. Mark your calendar with reminders to give any pet meds, so you don’t forget. 

I just integrated my website scheduler and started with Google calendar.  You can easily add repeats so you will know when you need to do meds.

Health records

Should be able to easily access this information in case of an emergency. 

Solution: Put your pet’s file with your own important papers.  I have health files for each of the pets. Under a file called Pets.

Make copies that you can take with you when traveling with pets. 

Our vet is now online so when we move it will be easy to transfer. I still keep all our receipts with everything in their folder.

On our fridge, we also have vet contact and a summary of pet information. We are fortunate no serious health issues.

NiNi & Gus are our adopted ferals.
List for pet sitter

I have someone stay overnight with the crew. I keep it simple and have it in a word document that I can easily update.

I have an emergency contact, Vet # (also set up with vet if cat sitter needs to bring them in to treat them and we will pay); and where we will be staying.

Food, play, grooming. Anything about our cats they need to know is included on this list.

Keep them Safe

Have a card with you if you become ill you have pets.

Tell your alarm company about pets

Have a sign that there are pets and list how many.

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross: This reference tool offers comprehensive emergency care information including CPR.

Animal Poison Control Center Mobile App: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Poison Control Center offers this handy reference tool. potentially poisonous plant “chocolate wheel,” which makes it easy to tell which signs you can expect based on the quantity and type of chocolate your pet may have ingested.

ASPCA Mobile AppIn the event of a natural disaster, “access critical advice on what to do with your pet before, during and after a major storm — even if there’s no data connectivity. It also offers some missing pets help.

adorable animal animal world cat
We love all cats on our house!
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Speaking of Apps

BringFido: this app helps users travel the world with their fur babies, from mapping out parks where dogs are welcome to booking pet-friendly hotels.

Trottr allows you to watch your pet being walked from start to finish.

Pet acoustics shares soothing music for pets.

Pet phone lets you track your dog’s health with ease. Can keep track of vet appointments; medications, allergies and food preferences for each of your pets, and the app can be synced with your calendar to get reminders.  Your vet also might have this option.

Take actions from both blogs on tips for organizing pets:

  • Create a stationary feeding station for your pet. Store food nearby. Consider containers to easily fill bowls.
  • Find a way to contain all your pets’ toys. Keep near where you play or their create or bed.
  • Corral all their outside gear and create a pack and play box.
  • Make a health record f or your pets.
  • See if there is an app that will help you with your pets care, watching them or organizing for them.

What do you need to do to prepare for an emergency for your pet? How can you organize medical records? Are there any apps you can use to organize your pets?

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