Plastic Wrap Tricks That Will Change Your Life

So many uses for plastic wrap, tips galore!! It’s hard to believe that plastic wrap is life-changing, but think for a second about what life would be like without it??

And here are extra tips and tricks to make plastic wrap even more useful than you imagined.

Plastic wrap can be a little tricky when you’re trying to place it over food. But even if you haven’t mastered covering plates and bowls with the clingy stuff, there’s still a place for it in your home. Use plastic wrap when you travel, around the house, and in your beauty routine. Check out these plastic wrap uses for some ideas.
Plastic wrap isn't just for left-overs anymore. Check out the clever ideas and tips to enhance the use of this everyday item.

17 Uses For Plastic Wrap

1. Keep Your Bananas From Over-ripening

Although bananas are a quick and tasty snack you’d want to keep around the house, these yellow fruits ripen a bit too fast for our liking. Keep your bananas fresh longer for that mid-day snack or that morning smoothie with this unbelievably simple hack. Wrap the ends of your bananas in plastic wrap to slow down the ripening process. This trick has scientific backing for the more empirical individuals.

2. Plastic Wrap Belongs In Your Travel Bag Too, Not Just Your Kitchen

This one is for us who always lose one earring, especially after traveling. Or even in the house! Save space when traveling and avoid losing your favorite pieces of jewelry by packing your jewelry between two sheets of Press’n Seal wrap. Hopefully, this tip will also help you leave that jewelry box at home and pack lighter!

He who would travel happily must travel light

– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

3. Prevent Ice-Cream Freezer Burn Using Plastic Wrap

If by some odd chance you happen to have left-over ice cream, avoid ice cream freezer burn by placing a layer of plastic wrap over your ice cream and pushing it down so that it touches the surface of the ice cream before putting the lid back on. Frankly, we’re shocked that anyone holds on to ice cream long enough for freezer burn to form!

4. Not A Fan Of Cleaning The Fridge? Plastic Wrap’s Gotcha!

Cleaning is an essential part of everyday living but let’s be honest – no one likes doing it. Much less repeatedly. The fridge is one place that is bound to get dirty. With its hundreds of compartments, I don’t want to be caught cleaning it every week and I’m assuming you neither. Keep the shelves clean by covering them with plastic wrap. Remove and replace it whenever a spill occurs.

use plastic wrap to line the shelves of your fridge and reduce the number of times you clean it

Video: Plastic Wrap Tips and Tricks

I made a short video showing you 5 plastic wrap tips that will change your life!

5. Use Plastic Wrap For Neater Painting

Getting paint over surfaces you never intended to paint is not interesting. It can even be costly if some expensive furniture is ruined by paint. Press’n Seal can work in a pinch to protect surfaces from paint. But for a really good edge, you’ll still need painter’s tape because paint can seep under plastic wrap.

7. Rain Is No Excuse For Missing Your Run

Well, for those of us not so motivated by morning runs, maybe it is. But for you who gets a kick out of morning runs, rain can be a bummer because it means you may have to leave your gadgets at home. Plastic wrap to the rescue! Don’t cancel your run because you see a few clouds in the sky. Cover your phone with plastic wrap to protect it. The touchscreen functionality will still work.

plastic wrap uses

8. Make Cling Film Your Moving Companion

As you might already know, plastic wrap is awesome for sealing stuff. It might seem weak but you’d be surprised how durable it is. Prevent stuff from getting lost by placing plastic wrap over open bins when you’re moving to keep the contents contained. You can also wrap your yard tools to make it easier to grab and go on moving day! Why spend money on boxes when you can grab plastic wrap from the kitchen?

9. Prevent Mixing Bowl Splatter Using Plastic Wrap

Bakers in the house say woohoo! Here’s a hack that will save you the trouble of dealing with batter splattered all over your kitchen counter. Anything to eliminate unnecessary cleaning, right? Cover your bowl or mixer with cling film before mixing to trap those splashes of batter and keep them from landing on your wall or worse, on your clothes.

10. Carry Your Favorite Cup On Your Trip

If you’re a sentimentalist, this hack is for you. It allows you to save money on a fancy travel cup and lets you carry your favorite cup along with you as you travel. Turn any cup into a travel cup with Press’n Seal wrap. Just insert a straw after you’ve covered the cup! This trick also reduces spillage during movement so it’s great for preventing spills in the car by the kids.

11. Protect Your Clothes From Leaks In Your Travel Bag

Speaking of traveling, toiletries can create a big mess when they leak. Protect your clothes by placing plastic wrap under the caps of all your shampoos, conditioners, etc. For extra safety, wrap them all in plastic wrap and you won’t have to worry about accidents. You can also wrap your shoes in plastic wrap to keep your clothes clean.

A collage of plastic wrap uses- use plastic wrap to minimize the space used by jewelry when traveling, plastic wrap used to prevent a paintbrush from drying, toiletries secured with plastic wrap to keep from spilling and cling film used to create a marbled effect on nails

12. Include Plastic Wrap In Your Skincare Routine

Plastic wrap is pretty safe on your face as long as you keep it off your nose. Here’s a beauty hack to get rid of blackheads that is worth a try. Follow this tutorial to get rid of blackheads using vaseline and plastic wrap. Simply apply Vaseline to your blackheads and cover with a small piece of plastic wrap. Let it stay on overnight and remove it in the morning!

13. Skimp On Cleaning Time After DIY Projects With This Plastic Wrap Trick

Do you dread the daily clean-up when working on a DIY project? One thing you don’t have to worry about is cleaning paint rollers. Wrap them in plastic wrap to keep them from drying out between uses. Whatever your reasons are for leaving a paintbrush wet, plastic wrap will do the job.

14. Wrap Gifts In Plastic Wrap For A Good Laugh

Make this year’s present opening an ordeal they won’t forget. Instead of traditional wrapping paper, make a giant plastic-wrapped gift. Place your gift(s) in a piece of plastic wrap and wrap and wrap and wrap to your heart’s satisfaction. It is unbelievable how hard it is to get that gift out of that wrap.

This is also a cool party idea that teenagers will love. Challenge them to unwrap and leave the plastic wrap whole. No shortcuts!

Wrap a gift in plastic wrap multiple times to make it hard to unwrap- fun party prank

15. Preserve Paint Using Plastic Wrap.

Don’t let your paint dry out in between painting sessions. Preserve paint by placing plastic wrap between the lid and the can between uses to keep it fresh. This reduces the rate of water evaporation hence preventing paint from drying. You can also wrap your paint tray tightly with wrap and pop it in the fridge to avoid having to wash off dry paint.

16. How to Skip Cleaning Dishes After A Picnic

The picnics are great; So is having a group of friends or family over for lunch. The amount of dishes you will have to do after that is the not-so-great part. This trick is great for picnics but for lunch, you might want to use it only for food containers. Line your dishes with plastic wrap for easy cleanup. All you have to do is throw away the plastic wrap when the food is over.

We all love multi-purpose products! Try these 17 plastic wrap tricks because you'll definitely love them!

17. Manicure Like A Pro With Plastic Wrap

I love marbled things. Cake, nails, stones, etc. I find anything marbled so beautiful and artistic. The fact that you can create a marbled effect on your nails using saran wrap is just mind-blowing. Get a marbled nail look by dabbing painted nails with plastic wrap dipped in a different color. You will definitely need a few more pieces of equipment for this hack but who doesn’t love an interesting tip?

18. Trap Those Annoying Fruit Flies With This Plastic Wrap Trick

Fruit flies are ANNOYING! They are tiny, numerous, and nasty. Keep them away from your fruits with this simple trick developed by a kid. Make a DIY fruit fly trap with some fruit, a cup, and a little plastic wrap. Cut up some pieces of fruit and place some in cups. Cover the cups with plastic wrap and cut a hole in the middle using a knife. Leave the cups on your kitchen counter and watch the magic happen.

It’s not really magic. The fruits are meant to attract the flies. The flies go in but can’t get out.

cup with fruit covered with plastic wrap to act as fruit fly trap

19. Add Grip With Plastic Wrap

If you’re using a tool and it feels slippery, wrap plastic wrap around the handle of the tool a few times for better grip. The last thing you want is a hammer slipping off your hand and landing on something, let alone someone!

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