Save 40-60% by Shopping Scratch and Dent Appliances!

If you're in need of a new appliance and want to save a few bucks, consider shopping scratch and dent appliances before paying full price!

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Scratch and Dent Appliances

If you're looking to save a bundle on a home appliance – washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. – you may consider checking out “scratch and dent appliances” before paying full price!

By purchasing a scratch and dent appliance, you can score a NEW stove, fridge, or washer for a used appliance price, with savings up to 40-60% off. Usually, the only issue with these appliances is that they were “scratched” or “dented” during transit, but in most cases it's usually minor and cosmetic.

In fact, many times, the scuffs are very small and out of sight! If you're looking for an extra fridge or freezer to put in the garage, chances are you won't mind if it has a little scratch on the side.

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Tips to consider before buying Scratch and Dent:

Be sure to inspect everything on the appliance – you definitely don't want any cracked glass or huge visible dings (especially if it's going inside your house).

Compare prices to make sure you're getting the best price. If you can wait for another time of year to buy a brand new appliance for around the same price, you're better off waiting.

Consider signing up for an extended warranty plan if your store offers it. Usually the appliances come with a 1-year warranty, but it may be worth getting the extra warranty just in case.

Delivery and installation is not included. In most cases, you'll have to get rid of your old appliance yourself and install the new one on your own. If you don't know a handyman and end up having to hire someone, that can get expensive and may not be worth it.

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Scratch and Dent Appliances Near Me

While there are likely smaller scratch and dent stores near you (just google the above term), you can often find these items marked down at larger stores too – like Lowe's, Home Depot, Sears, or Best Buy.

Just be sure to watch for these markdown sections in the store or ask an associate for a discount if you see one with minor flaws (the demo units are sometimes a great option!). And, you can even shop open-box items online at with discounts and savings up to 40% off!

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As just an idea, this Samsung 17.5 cu. ft. 3-Door French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator with WiFi & Twin Cooling sells for $1,259.99 NEW at Best Buy and other stores. However, there are a few open-box options that provide significant savings if you're willing to buy an open-box appliance!

Open-Box Excellent: $1,007.99

  • Looks brand new – no physical flaws, scratches, or scuffs.
  • Includes all original parts/accessories.
  • Typically contains packaging.

Open-Box Satisfactory: $944.99

  • Minor to moderate cosmetic signs of use possible (no dents, chips, cracks, or deep scratches), but have no impact on performance.
  • Original packaging is typically not present.
  • Non-essential parts or accessories may be missing, such as a commonly available cable or remote.

Open-Box Fair – $818.99

  • Significant cosmetic signs of use.
  • Vital accessories may be missing.

Looking at the above options, you could easily save over $315 just by buying a fridge that has a few dings or scratches (going with the Satisfactory option). Seems pretty reasonable to me??

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Here are a few experiences from PPP Team Members:

“I lucked out on a refrigerator that had been returned to Lowe's because of a dent in delivery. It was on the side so I decided it was not big deal! Loved the $500 discount for this top of the line model that I got. They had it on display as you can often find a section at some stores with the scratch and dent and discounted models.” – PPP Team Member, Stacy

“I am not sure how much we saved, but we went to Appliance Smart and got a scratch and dent fridge to put in our garage! We didn't really care what it looked like being outside! 🙂 – PPP Team Member, Ashley

“We bought a scratch and dent Maytag dryer when we were first married and on a tight budget. It turned out to be one of the BEST and longest lasting dryers we've ever had. They just don't make them like they used to anymore!” – PPP Team Member, Mary

Have you purchased a Scratch and Dent appliance before? Share it with us below!

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