Simple Closet Organizing Hacks to Get the Job Done

The following is a guest post with simple closet organizing hacks from regular contributor, Morgan from Morganize with Me.

Well, with a little more time on my hands, or should I say a lot more time on my hands, I decided to tackle my son’s closet. This was a bit of a spring cleaning/reorganizing project that was a very much overdue! As with most storage spaces, this was the perfect example of out of sight out equals out of mind.

Simple Closet Organizing Hacks to Get the Job Done at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

Thankfully, Connor gave me permission. So off to work I went! With a little direction from him, I started by pulling things out, sorting, decluttering, and reassessing the space. He has a nice sized closet but there was some lack of maintenance and also some lack of organizational systems. Let me begin by sharing the before picture with you.

closet organizing before

The main things to address were the overflowing piles of t-shirts, the extra memorabilia, and then some miscellaneous items that needed a place to call home. However, to Connor’s credit, there were some organizing systems already in place that were working well. Systems like hooks for sweatshirts, coordinating hangers, and a belt/tie rack, but more were needed!

closet organizing hacks

Here is what I implemented.

Simple Closet Organizing Hacks

First, for the overflowing t-shirts, that he is not willing to part with, I used two of the four canvas bins to store them in. This keeps his overflow tucked away nicely. The other two canvas bins were then each designated to hold a category, one for extra art/school supplies and one for miscellaneous toys. The four matching bins all line up and fill the shelf while also providing a way to separate and sort everything. What I like to call a win-win!

closet organizing after

Next we added two large plastic bins to help streamline his bulkier memorabilia. I assigned one bin to hold school papers and notebooks that he wants to keep. And the other bin stores his larger memory items, things like trophies and artwork etc. (The remainder of his memory items are filed away in his Keepsake Bin.) It’s important to create adequate storage for the amount of items you want to hold on to. Connor is going into his senior year of high school, so we should be set because he is now on his final lap!

closet organizing bins

Lastly, I tidied up the hanging items and refolded the folded items. I also moved the books out of his closet and found another place to store them.

closet organizing in a boy's room

Often one of the best ways to reorganize a space is to rework the space and see how you can shift things around. All in all, after this two-hour project, Connor’s closet looks more streamlined and the space much easier to navigate. While we didn’t necessarily get rid of much, we were able to better maximize his closet. By adding additional containment we were able to better separate and sort things. This will help with the maintenance and hopefully help in the motivation department too! (A mom can wish!)

Closet Maintenance – Tips & Tricks

Simplify your closet with these tips and tricks:

*Install hooks to the wall or door

*Use matching hangers

*Maximize your vertical space to increase storage

*Add bins or baskets to help create “zones”

*Move items out of your closet that don’t belong

Happy Organizing!

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