Small Apartment Ideas, For Spaces Under 50 Square Meters

These three small apartment tours illustrate three very different ways of creatively utilising limited living space, all measuring under 50 square metres. The first tour is all set to show off how a super stylish space can be possible on a budget, featuring a glass wall bedroom and a surprising volume of storage. Tour number two is a pine filled picture of bespoke furniture and unique elevated viewing platforms that increase the square footage. Lastly we tour a high-end interior on a tiny footprint, which still manages to squeeze in a double workspace, a glass wall bedroom, and a chic little bathroom with a multitude of storage niches.

Designer: N.Team Design  
Visualizer: N.Team Design  

This 45 square meter one-room apartment was designed to be rented, and therefore only allowed a small project budget. The designers transformed the flat into a spacious studio with a combined kitchen and living room, a separated bedroom area, and a bathroom. A sectional couch, set of round coffee tables, and a floor reading lamp form the simple but stylish lounge.

A glass wall serves as a room divider between the living areas and the bedroom, whilst maintaining the complete visual area of the apartment.

Bespoke storage makes the most of every inch of space.

In the narrow home entryway, a rattan stool tucks neatly into a nook within the closets.

A sleek linear suspension lamp illuminates the dining end of a bench. The other end becomes a shelf below the wall mounted tv.

Bookshelves tower at the end of the kitchen installation, providing a pleasant focal point to the rest of the living area.

The support leg of the dining bench is transparent, which complements the aesthetic of the glass wall bedroom nearby. See more modern fruit bowls like this one here.

Inside the glass wall bedroom, an orange bed matches with the orange area rug in the lounge.

A black bathroom sink dominates the light grey and white bathroom scheme.

Black towel rungs stripe the adjacent concrete bathroom wall.

A black shower and toilet complete the black bathroom kit.

The floor plan illustrates the banks of plentiful storage installed in the limited space.

Architect: A6A  

Our second tour is set over 49 square meters, in Bordeaux, France. It has been entitled ‘the pine flat’ by its designers, for obvious reasons. Bespoke furniture, wall panels and doors all swim with wood grain.

Green scatter cushions compliment the lumber interior. An arc floor lamp stretches over one block side of the timber sofa.

Neat modern wall sconces are mounted onto the timber headboard wall inside the bedroom. Wooden bedside cabinets are built into the bedframe.

Pine plywood panels engulf the room. Knotty pine planks fashion the door.

Back out in the main living space, a round dining table stands in front of the bespoke wooden couch, with four modern dining chairs.

Indoor plants populate the space, flourishing in the sunlight from high windows. The extra ceiling height offered by the eaves facilitates a double layered design, where platforms on top of deep storage volumes increase the surface of the small flat to an optimized 50 square metres. The platforms also provide access to the view.

The cool grey kitchen contrasts with the color and patterns of the surrounding wood. Stainless steel doors allow the storage space inside the kitchen island to be accessed from both sides.

A stainless steel sink is undermounted to the varnished concrete worktop.

An induction hob occupies the other end of the concrete countertop.

Industrial style kitchen pendant lights complement the steel and concrete kitchen materials.

Two tall timber doors stand beside the kitchen island, with cut-out holes for handles. One conceals the fridge and the other a bathroom.

This is a studio with lofted bed too; a ladder provides access to the elevated alcove.

The hideaway bedroom goes almost unnoticed from the main floor.

Pine panelwork continues inside the bathroom.

Steps lead up to a tucked away tub.

Floor plan illustrating the two bedrooms inside the tiny home, plus the deep storage volumes that double as platforms beneath the high windows.

Designer: Tyoma Atsone  
Visualizer: Tyoma Atsone  

Our last tour is a compact 38 square metre abode in Kharkov, Ukraine. The layout includes a living room dining room combo with a double workspace, and a glass wall bedroom.

A modular sofa backs onto a dining table. Its upholstery varies between different shades of grey to break up its visual bulk.

In front of the sofa, a small side table nestles into the crook of its L-shape.

Wood slats trim the lower half of the room beneath the windows, in continuation from the wood effect kitchen base units.

The dining chairs look into the lounge area, past the wine glasses.

A decorative wall mirror softly illuminates one wall of the living room.

A creative slatted lighting solution glows in the hallway, opposite a smooth grey coat closet and a shoe storage stool.

Inside the glass wall bedroom, a storage headboard is built into the closets. The black bookshelves contrast with clean white cupboard doors. Two modern wall sconces provide reading light inside the dark bed nook. A silver grey comforter gives the bed an inviting luxe look.

Cabinets above the desk and computer chair in the living room follow the same aesthetic as the bedroom storage units. Wooden drawers underline the desktops beneath each of the computer monitors, at either end of the workspace.

An illuminated vanity mirror glows inside a wood and white bathroom.

Concrete tiles speckle the floor.

The space around the toilet cistern is harnessed for clever bathroom storage. Candles and nicer toiletries can be displayed within a cut-through section above the loo, whilst excess items are tucked behind the face panel and accessed from the side.

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Stepping Up Studio Apartments

We all want the best for our kids. Our kids have too many toys, the latest clothing trends, and probably more lost socks and hair bows than we can count. While we strive to keep our homes (somewhat) tidy, there's still a lot that we can do when it comes to the air we breathe.

Wax melts and air fresheners will help mask the odor coming from your son’s sneakers, but they can’t do much to help you breathe. Indoor plants are a great addition to any home. They add beauty and living color and help you and your little ones breathe easier. Consider adding these aromatic plants to freshen the air.

Bamboo Plant

Add a touch of the tropics to your home with a bamboo palm. This calming plant, also known as the reed palm, is fantastic at purifying the surrounding air. It features multiple fronds of delicate palm leaves and will grow well in the right conditions. For best results, place it on top of a dresser or bookcase that gets indirect sunlight. Keep the soil moist, but not too wet. Move it to a spot on the floor or in an entryway as they can grow up to 12 feet high and 5 feet wide in ideal conditions. Be aware of house plant insects, including mites, that can hide on the underside of the leaves of this plant.

Mother in Law's Tongue

Sometimes called a snake plant, we like to refer to it by its other name: mother-in-law’s tongue. This helpful addition to a home is an excellent choice for beginning gardeners. It is among the hardest plants to kill (much like the unwanted comments of a mother-in-law) and is often found in bathrooms (no further comment).

It likes low light and plenty of humidity to help remove chemicals such as xylene and trichloroethylene from the air. These plants also do well in bedrooms since they release oxygen at nighttime when other plants aren't active. Although it’s rare, mother-in-law’s tongues can produce aromatic flowers. The white and cream-colored buds resemble those of lilies. Care for this plant by keeping it in a pot and dividing it up into smaller pots if it becomes too large.

Aloe Vera

You may have a bottle of aloe vera gel in your medicine cabinet, but did you also know that you can grow it as a houseplant? It's a great low maintenance plant that needs little attention (which is good because we are fresh out of that!) It also helps clean the air. Aloe vera is an excellent succulent choice since you can use the liquid inside the leaves to soothe those occasional cuts and burns. It combats formaldehyde and benzene found in many cleaning products as well.


Chrysanthemums do more than add color and a nice scent to your home. The blooms remove toxins including cigarette smoke, benzene (found in paint, glue, and detergent) and formaldehyde and ammonia (used in cleaning products.) They come in a variety of colors, so they’re sure to match any home decor. Place these plants near a window sill or somewhere where they’ll get plenty of light.

Peace Lilly

Known as a powerful air cleanser, the peace lily is a welcome addition to any home looking for a touch of elegance. It's a more-formal-looking plant that helps increase the humidity of a room. This is a great addition to the bedroom of a child who's battling night coughing or allergies as it helps fight against microbes. The plant is toxic, though, so make sure only to use it in an older child’s bedroom who will leave it alone.

Spider Plant

This variegated beauty features green and white slender leaves that cascade up and over a container. Place a spider plant in the dead space above the kitchen cabinets or in a hanger by a window. Spider plants are easy to care for and don’t need much attention. They love the light but don’t want to be in direct contact with the sun. They'll add color to every room and can help absorb carbon monoxide, a deadly poison.

Adding indoor plants to your home is a great way to boost the appearance of your home as well as fight off chemicals and irritants within the air. Choose from a wide variety of sizes and styles that best fit your style and your family’s specific needs. Consider adding any of these aromatic plants that help you breathe better to your home for a boost of health benefits.

Article written by Lucy Crawford, a home design DIY writer and mother of three. With her busy hands, she is always challenging herself with a new DIY project. She enjoys designing spaces where she can relax and enjoy a good book.