Smart Storage Hacks For Small Refrigerators For Under P200

Even the smallest kitchen has a refrigerator. This is just one of the major appliances in any home! Whether you live solo or have a family, the refrigerator will always be that one appliance that will take up the most space in your kitchen.  

That's why the space in your refrigerator is a prime commodity! All that real estate inside in your refrigerator is going to be hard to fill up efficiently, but we know a few items that you can score that might make you rethink your organizational skills. All of these items will cost you less than P200 each!  

If your refrigerator is ready to be more organized, here are smart ways to make sure that every inch of your ref space is fully utilized: 

These can house soda cans, condiment bottles, or even opened sachets so you can stay organized.
Photo by from Lazada

1 Refrigerator Organizers, P64 each

When it comes to organizing your kitchen, shelves are usually left on its own. You stack what you need to stack and line up what you need to line up. These handy organizers will help you be that organized in your refrigerator, too. From cans of soda to the unfinished and opened sachets of condiments and seasonings that you didn't completely empty out yet, these are great in making sure the contents of your refrigerator are in their proper places.   

Slide Kitchen Fridge Freezer Space Saver Organizer Storage Rack Shelf Holder, P64 each 

Photo by from Lazada

2 Refrigerator Under Shelf Sliding Drawer, P75 each

One of the most underutilized areas of any kitchen are those that are found under shelves. In refrigerators, these areas are meant to be space for those tall bottles, high food containers, and stacked boxes that you may want to store. However, stacking bottles, food, and other items is not the most organized way of making sure these are easily accessible. You won't need to pull out items from on top of your food just to get to what's on the bottom if you have one of these pull-out drawers! 

These can store just about anything and if you need to, you can pull out the entire drawer to get to what you need. Plus, even if you have a little accident in the refrigerator, these won't spill a drop. 

Refrigerator Storage Box Home Kitchen Fridge Sliding Drawer Shelf Storage Fruit Food Container Rack Space Saver Kitchen Tools, P75 each 

These resealable bags are in the shape of mason jars!
Photo by from Lazada

3 Mason Jar-Shaped Resealable and Reusable Storage Bags (pack of 12), P146

The mason jar craze has long since passed but it doesn't mean these iconic jars are passe! What makes these so useful in a small refrigerator is the fact that these do not take up as much space as the real jars would. Since these are literally food storage bags, you can stack these up and not have to worry about glass breaking.

Plus, these are resealable, reusable, and come in four useful sizes: small (60 gram), medium (75 gram), large (123 gram), and long (183 gram) pouches. 

Portable Zipper Mason Jar Bottles Bags Reusable Fresh Food Snacks Seal Storage Organizer Food Pouch (pack of 12: 4 small, 4 medium, 3 large, 1 long), P145.98  

Use these clips to make sure your food stays closed.
Photo by from Lazada

4 Bag clips (set of 10), P59 

Not all food items need to be transferred into containers. Why not reuse the bag it came in instead? If you have food that come in bags and you have yet to finish it off, these bag clips or clamps will come in handy in keeping those bags closed tight and from spilling out its contents when you reach for it. With these colorful clips, you can even color coordinate so no one grabs the same bag of snacks as yours!   

10pcs Kitchen Home Colorful Sealing Clip Seal Kitchen Tools Food Snack Storage Bag Clip Preservative Film Sealing, P59  

Bottles and cans will fit snugly in these. 
Photo by from Lazada

5 Bottle and Can Organizers, P166 each

Beverages have a way of taking up much of the space in your refrigerator. So, too, can your beloved bottles of condiments and sauces. If you find that these take up more space than you wish, think about investing in this smart bottle and can organizer. These are perfect for making sure that, whether it's standing upright or on its side, none of these will roll out. Plus, the handle makes it super easy to not only grab for your choice of drink, but to also stand on your refrigerator door and still easily pull it out.     

Kitchen Refrigeratorrectangle Storage Box With Handle Accessories Cola Beverage Can Space-Saving Finishing Four Case Organizer PP Meterial Rectangle, P166 each 

These silicone food bags won't allow a single drip!
Photo by from Lazada

6 Silicone Food Bag (1000 ml), P100 

How handy are bags for small refrigerators? Very! What's so great about bags is that these need less space than food containers and even less space than bottles! So investing in bags that you can reuse and are resealable is a smart move, even if you don't have a small refrigerator. Silicone bags like these are particularly handy! These 1-liter bags can hold that much liquid or store that much food inside and still be watertight when flipped over. That's what we call handy!   

Best of all, you can choose the color these come in, either red, green, blue, or black bags. 

Silicone Food Preservation Bag 1000ML (red, blue green, black), P100 each 

Use these for the storage of pens, pads, bills, and other useful items you normally can not place on the refrigerator using magnets. 
Photo by from Lazada

7 Refrigerator Hanging Storage Bags (green), P59

Storage isn't just for the inside of your refrigerator. Even the outside of your refrigerator can be used! If you have refrigerator magnets that hang some of your more important notes that you need to remember, these can hang any that just can't be held up by a magnet. These hanging storage bins are perfect for storing pens, pads, and other knick-knacks on the side of your small refrigerator with the help of some suction or sticky hooks.  

Lazada Top Oen 3 layer Waterproof cotton and linen bags (green), P59

There are many storage options available but we find that even if these are the most affordable and bargain finds we could find, other storage options are sometimes just a matter of knowing what you can do with what you have. What other smart storage items have you found a use for in your small refrigerator and small kitchen spaces? 




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