Thanksgiving can be a stressful time for some people

 Coordinating schedules, planning menus and preparing the house can make it a busy time.

Make your Thanksgiving Day full of giving thanks.
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Here are some tips to make the day  full of giving thanks and you less stressed.

Let everyone help by bringing a dish to the meal.
1. Let people help
Ask them to bring some of the food.  If you have someone who doesn’t like to cook ask them to arrive early and help greet people at the door.
2. Plan a menu record the amount of food you cook. record the cooking time for each dish reuse the menu, grocery list  and cooking  schedule next year 3. Plan to take a walk
Enjoy time together, be thankful for the beautiful nature around you.
Between the main course and dessert have your guests go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air and build an appetite for dessert While your guests are out, you will have time to clear the leftovers and put them in the refrigerator 4. Be thankful let everyone say something they are thankful for, it is amazing how this can create a happy atmosphere at the dinner table Share your best tip for making Thanksgiving celebrations less stressful.
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