What Is A Good Brand Of Kitchen Faucets

Faucets are changing kitchen experiences. They are making the kitchen an enjoyable place. Plus, technology has made it possible to produce smart kitchen faucets. For instance, the introduction of wireless kitchen faucets has eliminated the need to use your hand to power them on. All you need is to wave in front of the sensor.

But not all faucets are the same. Some come from reputable brands while others may disappoint you. That is why purchasing your faucet from a reputable brand can be the best decision to make when purchasing your kitchen purchase. So, get yours from the following reputable brands and take make your kitchen an exciting place.

Moen vs Delta: The Two Biggest Brands

The Faucet manufacturing industry is dominated by two brands: Moen and Delta. Here is a quick snapshot of Moen vs Delta.


Based in North America, MOEN produces quality kitchen faucets that can take your kitchen experience to the next level. Founded by AI Moen in 1937, the company has forged on to establish itself as one of the best brands when it comes to the production of kitchen faucets. The best part: MOEN has been certified by numerous international organizations—including IAPMO (a body that deals with research as well as testing). IAPMO certified that all MOEN products are lead-free and they don’t contain any harmful substance.

MOEN uses superior technology when manufacturing its kitchen products. For instance, technologies like MotionSense and Magnetix technology has made MOEN products superior and the most sought on the market today. Other technologies like , Power Clean and MotionSense (which makes faucets touchless and smoother) are making a big impact in the kitchen faucet manufacturing industry.  The company employs competent personnel and their customer service is extremely impressive. Buy your kitchen faucet from MOEN and experience the best.


DELTA, like MOEN, has established itself as a dependable brand when it comes to the manufacture of kitchen faucets. Based in the US, the company has breathtaking designs that are sure to blow your mind away. Plus, DELTA employs sophisticated technologies such as Touch2O® and MagnaTite® Docking in the manufacture of faucets—just to give customers the best. Moreover, H2Okinetic® improves the magic of touch of their faucets. For instance, they design shower heads that prevents water from splashing all over the sink. Still more, they use if 2Okinetic® technology in their shower heads ensures there is no waste of water.

DELTA’S award cabinet is full of international endorsements. The “Edison Award 2012” and PTPA are some of the awards this brand has scooped. Also, the brand was recognized and rewarded by The U.S. Environmental Agency as the best WaterSense® 2013 Manufacturer—making DELTA a reliable brand you can count on when it comes to your kitchen faucet needs.

Other Top Brands

Other top brands include:
Pfister—also known as PRICE PFISTER —is a big player in the manufacture of kitchen faucets. Founded by two entrepreneurial-minded individuals (Emil Price & William Pfister) in 1910, PFISTER continues to create shockwaves as far as the manufacture of quality kitchen faucets is concerned. Based in Los Angles, PFISTER initially started producing garden faucets. From there, they rolled an ambitious plan which would later see them produce other faucets—including those for kitchen purposes. During the WW2, PFISTER was involved in the production of aircraft fittings and hand grenades. Since 1950, the company has registered impressive results and received recognition in the production of the bathroom as well as kitchen faucets.

PFISTER is certified by different regulatory bodies—including WaterSense and Lead-Free. Additionally, bodies like ADA Compliance and CAL Green have accredited the company for its impressive work.


As one of the best sanitary fittings manufacturers in the world, Grohe produces kitchen faucets that are long-lasting and effective. Established in 1936 by Friedrich Grohe, Grohe is one of the leading manufactures of Kitchen faucets in the USA. The company produces eye-catching faucet designs that can perfectly compliment your kitchen design décor.

Grohe’s award cabinet is equally impressive—featuring awards from organizations like CSR Award, KB Culture Awards of 2017, and Great Design award of 2017. Also, awards like the German Sustainability Award of 2016 make Glohe one of the most recognized faucet manufacturer you can count on to give you quality products.

Grohe uses innovative technologies—such as GROHE Blue as well as RED water system—to design smart products. Other advanced technologies used by Grohe include GROHE Smart Control plus GROHE Sense water.  Grohe has an impressive customer care desk and offers unlimited warranties for all their products.


Established in 1873, Kohler is impressively popular in the United States of America. Americans prefer this brand when it comes to the production of kitchen faucets.  Kohler was founded by John Michael Kohler and is headquartered in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. The company employs advanced technologies that aim at saving water when producing its products. Plus, any Kohler products tend to remain cozy while in water. With Kohler products, you have products that are super durable and artistically designed. Even more, their product line is rich—featuring some of the best kitchen faucets you can find on the market today.

Still more, Kohler’s kitchen faucets are adorned by sparking hand-painted inspired custom graphic designs. Plus, they have partnered with some of the best designers to help customers get the best when it comes to complimenting their kitchen faucets with kitchen décor.


As a bathroom as well as kitchen fitting manufacturer, Jaclo is popular in the kitchen faucet sphere. Founded in 1901 as a family-owned company, Jaclo employs innovative technologies to manufacturer quality and forward-inspired kitchen faucets. Plus, all their products feature vintage outlook—a key factor that has propelled them to be one of the best faucet manufacturers in the world. Since its inception, Jaclo has won numerous awards—making it one of the best brands you can purchase your products from.

More Faucets Brands

Other top kitchen faucet brands include:

·         Chicago Faucet

·         Kingston Brass

·         Phylrich

·         Danze

·         Kraus

The Bottom-Line

Purchasing your kitchen faucet from a reputable brand is one of the best decisions you can make. With a top brand, you are guaranteed of quality, superior technology, and even warranty. So, when shopping around for a kitchen faucet, consider purchasing it from the above top brands.