SecureIt ANS-59-08 Answer Series Heavy Duty Ultralight Gun Safe

SecureIt ANS-59-08 Answer Series Heavy Duty Ultralight Gun Safe

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SecureIt ANS-59-08 Answer Series Heavy Duty Ultralight Gun Safe

The SecureIt Answer™ Ultralight Gun Safe Model 8 is an ultralight, heavy-duty gun safe system. Weighing hundreds of pounds less than old-school gun vaults, allows for flexible repositioning should you ever need to move it without compromising the security and safety you require to store your guns. Featuring CradleGrid™ Technology for organized and adaptable storage. The Answer™ Model 8 is also fully welded and able to be secured to the floor for an extra level of security. Order yours today with our White Glove Delivery service and eliminate the stress of unpacking and set up!

Designed with the same professional-grade craftsmanship we use for the U.S. military, the Answer™ Model 8 is how today’s gun owner safely stores guns at a cost hundreds of dollars less than traditional gun vaults.


  • A heavy-duty fully welded storage system
  • No drywall or carpet inside to corrode your guns
  • 18" deep allowing it to fit where most gun safes cannot
  • Easy to move should you need to move it
  • Designed to be inconspicuous, not a shiny showpiece
  • Works perfectly with a decentralized gun storage plan
  • Allows you to store a great amount of gear and accessories
  • Straight-line access to all your firearms
  • Standard CradleGrid components

What's Included:

  • Heavy-duty, fully welded steel cabinet
  • Eight (8) Upper Saddles with Retractable Bungee
  • Four (4) Stock Bases
  • One (1) Answer 8 Door Organizer
  • One (1) Answer 8 Storage Shelf (Spans Entire Width of the Cabinet)
  • Six (6) Small Bins with Dividers
  • Three (3) Single Pistol Pegs
  • Three (3) Magnetic Hooks
  • Four (4) Metal Storage Trays
  • One (1) Rifle & Gear Shelf - 6 Gun Capacity


  • Outside Dimensions: 59.88" H x 24.00" W x 18.00" D
  • Inside Dimensions: 59.00" H x 23.88" W x 17.00" D
  • Internal Cubic Feet: 13.86
  • Weight: 285 Pounds
  • Gauge: 12
  • Lock: Securam
  • Finish: Black Textured Powder Coated
  • Mounting Holes: 4 (Located in the Base)

Door Specs: Four 7/8" bolts stationary per hinge side, Eight 1-1/8" sliding bolts on open side (4 right side, 2 Top and 2 Bottom), Three heavy-duty hinges

Features: Securam Lock and keypad, Cradle Grid Technology, Door Organizer, Power hook-up for lights, etc

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